The Conviction of Imam Ali (A)

In which he [Holy Prophet (SAW)] says "Mutu qablan ta mauto", "Die before you die". The second 'die' is not in your hands. The first 'die' is in your hands. That is why he tells you to do so. "Die before you die", meaning die to your egoic self and wake up, become born again, let your Qiyamah happen while you are in this physical world.

In another Hadith from the messenger of Allah peace be on him and his family, he said, "if you wish to see a dead man walking on this earth, a man whose resurrection has happened already, then look at Ali ibn Abi Talib, salawatullahi wa assalam alayh"[Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].

What does it mean: if you want to see a dead man walking on this Earth look at Ali ibn Abi Talib? Meaning he has crossed and traversed the boundaries of death.

For him, there is no surprise after death.

"La qushifal ghita la mazdattoo yaqeenan", "if veils were removed and the hereafter became apparent, it will not increase my certainty or my yaqeen", Amir ul-Mu'mineen says.