Does An Impure Heart Stop Dua's From Getting Accepted?

Sometimes the problem is that we do not have clean hearts. We pray to Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala, the du'a is very beautiful on our tongue, but the problem is the heart is polluted. There is so much hatred towards people, so much hasad [jealousy], so much greed, we have a lot of bad qualities.

Amir Al-Mu'minin 'alayhi as-salam, he says 'khayr al-du'a...'. You know, sometimes we think that the problem is with the du'a. So I read Du'a Kumayl, okay, it did not work. I read Du'a Jawshan and I think I need to find the right du'a. The problem is not the du'a, it is the qalb [heart].

Amir Al-Mu'minin 'alayhi as-salam he says 'khayr al-du'a...', 'the best du'a..., 'maa sadara 'an sadrin taqiyyin wa qalbin naqiyyin'- ['The best du'a is that which comes from or issued from a pious chest and a pure heart']. This is the best du'a. The best du'a is not the du'a itself, what makes a du'a powerful is the one who is reciting it.

You look at Yunus, Nabi Yunus 'alayhi as-salaam, when he was in the belly of the whale in those layers of zulumaat [darkness]: the belly of the whale on the bottom of the ocean, the darkness of the night.

What was his du'a? His du'a was very simple. You know, sometimes we think if I have a problem, I have to recite 20 pages of du'a. What does Allah say, ' Wa dha al-nuni idh dhahaba mughaadhiban fa dhanna an lan naqdira 'alayhi fa naada fi al-dhulumaat...'(21:87) What was his du'a? '...An 'Laa Ilaha illa Ant, subhanaka inni kuntu min al-dhalimin'(21:87) One sentence, very short du'a. 'Subhanaka inni kuntu min al -dhaalimin (21:87), fastajabnaa lahu wa najaynaahu min al-gham'(21: 88)

If you ever feel gham [despair], if you feel down, if you feel depressed, if you feel like the world has become dark, recite this du'a, the du'a of Yunus, because this du'a is not only for Yunus - 'wa kadhaalika nunji al-mu'minin'(21:88) This is a du'a, if all or any mu'minin, they recite this du'a, Allah, He will rescue them.

So we have to purge these negative qualities that we have in our hearts. So most of the time, the problem is not with the du'a, it is the heart that is corrupt. The heart has to be purified.

So ma'rifat Allah, number one. The second is tib al-qalb - you have to think about the 'condition of your heart'. You know, you check your blood pressure, your blood sugar, you also need to check your heart. Do you have a lot of envy towards people? Are you obsessed with Dunya [the world]? Are you a jealous person? Do you have negative qualities? You have to try to get rid of these qualities.

[Farzandeh Haydar, ummid-e-aakhar, Maw'ude Aalam,Ya Mahdi]