Don't Be Basic; 3 Stages of Belief, Action, & Taqwa - Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Don't Be Basic; 3 Stages of Belief, Action, & Taqwa - Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi 
- Discussing the 'levels' and darajat for us to strive towards
- The difference between basic rulings and higher darajat
- Generally 3 sets of levels containing belief, actions, and taqwa, one higher than the next
- The importance of constantly working towards the next level
- The importance of not putting down those who are at lower levels, considering yourself to be superior
- Physical vs spiritual effects of our actions

The famous question I always get: 'Are tattoos halal or haram?'. This is where I say don't stay at the basic level of allowed/not allowed. Lift yourself higher. Look at the importance of your self as an insaan. Give value to your being. Look at the mujtahid who says that it's permissible for you, but still wouldn't do it himself.

If you have sincere belief & do good deeds, then taqwa enters the picture. That is when your imaan grows. It will no longer be a 'cultural' faith that you hold, inheriting it from your parents at birth. It will bring about true imaan from the heart, taking you to higher levels of taqwa.

The only thing we worry about is food. Is this halal, is that haram. In Toronto, there is no end to the halal options available. Think about those who live in areas without a Muslim community. They travel every 1-2 weeks just to get their halal meat. Yet here we are saying 'Maulana I didn't see the meat being touched' or 'It's vegetables not meat', this, or that. If you ask me, I'll say ok eat it. But this is the basic level. You are a follower of Ali. There's an expectation that you'll strive the extra mile. Fiqh will tell you that something is ok. Akhlaq will tell you to exercise precaution. This is where we fall short. 

Fatawa will say if its a non meat product, you can assume its ok. If its a meat product you assume it to be haram until proven otherwise. This is fiqh. But what is the expectation from our present 12th Imam? In our Friday duas we say 'O Allah purify our bellies from Haram', but it goes on further: 'and from what is doubtful'. First part is fiqh, the second part is akhlaq. 

Climbing the spiritual ladder does 3 things: Strengthen our iman intellectually (‘aql), improve our good deeds legally (body), & refine our akhlaq morally (heart).

Follow the sirah of the 10th Imam &: think with clarity, act with sincerity, & eat & drink with purity. Whatever you put into yourself has physical & spiritual impacts on your life.


Shahadat of 10th Imam Ali un-Naqi (a.s.)
Recited By: Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi
Date: March 20th, 2018

Toronto, Canada
March 20th, 2018