Exaggerating the Impact of Magic

There is a problem in many societies and this exists even more in the Middle East is that magic, the idea of magic, and especially jinn, this is blown out of proportion, it is exaggerated. You find some people any problem that they have in their lives, they blame it on what? On magic, it is a spell, or it is the jinn.

You go to a mother, why did your son flunk this year? It was a spell, someone cast a spell on my poor son. She does not realize that her son never studied, that he was out every day with his friends, and he never studied and that is why he flunked. She does not want to say that, she is not aware of that and thus she blames it on magic or she says it is the jinn.

Or many people you find in society, they are sick. Especially if it is a psychological sickness. If a person has depression, right away people will say, what? Oh, it is probably a jinn or it is probably magic, someone did magic on this poor guy and that is why he is depressed. There is no physical reason, there is no, for example, medical reason, no, there is a jinn.

And that is why you find many of these people, when they want help, I have seen this. They come to the religious scholars because they believe this has to do with the supernatural, this has to do with Jinn and they want, for example some du'a, or something to keep the jinn away or to break the effect of the magic.

Most cases, brothers and sisters, our problems in our society, if not all of them are not from magic, they are not from Jinn.

There is Jinn, we believe there is Jinn. There is the devil, there is magic but however we are taking it out of proportion, we are completely exaggerating the situation. These things do exist but we ourselves have problems that have real reasons.

I have depression because there is a real reason, there is a medical reason, there is a chemical reason, there is something wrong in my body. It does not have to do with the jinn. Or many people, you find many women, many wives, they are not able to become pregnant they blame it on the jinn or they blame it on magic. Or as soon as there is a problem between a couple, a married couple, right away it is blamed on magic.

This is wrong, brothers and sisters, this is the wrong mentality. This shows that we have a very very shallow, a very very superficial way of thinking. This is a backwards way of thinking.

Every problem has its roots, it has its reasons. I have to search, I have to search and see what is the problem, what is the reason? And only then I will be able to solve the problem. So the next time I see a problem in my life, I can not blame it on the jinn, I cannot blame it on magic. Even if it exists, even if it is real. That is not the root of my problem.