Examining A Disturbing Story About Prophet's Childhood - Our Prophet 2 - Birth To Revelation

Now, there is a very disturbing story that Sunni sources narrate when it comes to the Prophet in the tribe of Bani Sa'd with Halimah. So, the Prophet was in that village growing up, those five years. There are hadiths [narrations] in Bukhari, in Muslim and many Sunni sources that say, one day the Prophet was playing with the kids, when suddenly Jibra'il comes, he holds the Prophet, he splits his chest open like a surgical operation. He tears it up. He tears his chest. He cuts his chest. He takes out the heart of the Prophet.

There was a clot on the heart of the Prophet. A 'ghudda', what do you call a 'ghudda'? A Lymph node. A type of clot on the heart of the Prophet. He takes that 'ghudda', he cuts that clot. Then he takes the heart of the Prophet, he washes it with Zam Zam water in a golden plate, container, and then he puts the heart back. Then he stitches his chest and he [the Prophet] goes back playing.

But now the Prophet is traumatized. His face is yellow. The kids run to Halima and they tell her, Muhammad is dead. Your child is dead. So, she rushes and she sees these marks on his chest. But he was okay. Who Narrates this? Bukhari, Muslim, many of these sources.

What was that clot? The Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim says that clot was a window for the Shaytan, the devil, to go into the heart of the Prophet. The lot of the Shaytan, Hadhdh ash-Shaytan as the Hadith says. So, Jibra'il wanted to save the Prophet from the devil, from Satan. So, he came and he cut that clot, and that is how he saved the Prophet from the impact of the Shaytan. So, before this clot, Shaytan would come in and out and enter the Prophet's heart as he wished.

Now, Bukhari, Muslim and these other sources, say this happened four or five times in the Prophet's life. Later on, when he grew up, this happened again, Jibra'il would come again, he would do this surgical operation. Subhana Allah, no other messenger of God had to go through this! Except the poor Prophet. He has to have this clot in his heart, and it is the window for the Shaytan. And Jibra'il has to traumatize him like that by opening his chest and cutting up his heart and then putting it back. I will not pass a judgment. You pass the judgment. Whether you accept such myths or not. It is in the main Sunni sources. So, yes. Most Shi'ah scholars, the majority of Shi'ah scholars reject this story, and they say this is a fabrication by some people who forged these Hadiths. Yes.

[Don't they also say that other prophets had it except for Nabi 'Isa?] Yes. They also do mention that 'Isa, 'alayhi as-salam was so pure, he did not have that. But with other prophets, there was no surgical operation. Jibra'il did not come and remove it for them. He only removed it from the Prophet. And, yes, they do mention that Jesus was so pure he did not have that clot on his heart. Yes, they do mention that in the Hadith.

When it comes to these facts, as I mentioned, the biography of the Prophet, there has been a lot of fabrications in the biography. So, we have to take these stories and analyse them and compare them to the character of the Prophet and the Qur'an. Anything that contradicts that, there is a red flag on it, automatically. There is a question mark on it.

So, when the Qur'an says the Prophet is pure, and anything that he says is revelation and he has the best character, and you find such praise, will you accept that God will allow this clot? I, just a normal individual, I do not have that clot. Okay? The Prophet is going to have it. It just does not make sense.

And number two is guidance and evil has to do with physical clots? If the Shaytan is whispering to somebody, you cut his body part, you do a surgical operation? Since when does a surgical operation make you good or bad? Save you or not save your religion? It is nonsense. It is nonsense when you look at it. So, these were fabrications, unfortunately, that we find in the biography of the Holy Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa alihi.

So, the Qur'an is very clear that the true servants of God, the Shaytan has no authority- "Inna 'ibadi, laysa laka 'alayhim sultan" (17:65) Allah clearly tells the devil, my true servants, you have no access to them. But haram, the Rasul [Prophet] did have access to him, but Jibra'il had to do these surgical operations four or five times to save the Prophet.

[Basically, what you are saying is that he is not like, pure, he is not like infallible as a Prophet?] Yes, they do not fully believe in his full infallibility and full purity. They do believe he was pure, but not as pure as we the followers of Ahl ul-Bayt say.

[But then how does that make sense, if he sends a Prophet who is not pure , it does not make sense, why would God choose a Prophet who...] Exactly, why would God choose a boy like that who has this?

[If you read like, page by page, that page contradicted that page and you have to go through it] Exactly. There are contradictions. There are many contradictions in these books.

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