Faith And Trust In Allah - Tawakkul

When we started our Islamic school in New York, I was very concerned about economics, how will I afford it? And I was, many people were whispering into my ears, don't go. It is not going to work. You can not trust the people, you know, dangerous. You have all kinds of enemies around you. I said, but the need is essential. What will I do Oh God? I was very confused.

I opened the Qur'an. Allah says ask Me. (2:152) Wadhkurooni adkhurkum Waskurooli wa-la takfuroon. Remember me? I will remember you, Allah says in the Qur'an. So I opened the Qur'an and the verse that came out. (4:81) Wa tawakal 'ala Allah wa kafa billahi wakeela. Do tawakkul, God is your wakeel. He is your attorney. Do it. So we did it. Now, when I got that verse, something of worries about finances just went out the window. I had no care at all. How am I going to afford it? Five hundred dollars a week. Two thousand dollars a month. I made a niyyat. I will mortgage my house. I will pay it. I don't care. The importance of this project is pivotal.

Look what Allah does. Honestly, and I am not claiming to be anything special. Many of you have done it too. We were standing at the Islamic school in New York City. We were short two thousand dollars to pay that money. And a stranger walks in, and get me, do not get me wrong, I am not saying this is the Imam. I am not saying it is, but Allah has His representatives and they take care. I don't care who it is, could be a black man, a white man, tall or short. I don't care, because the ones who do Allah's work are not limited to one group of people.

A stranger walks in and says, 'I would like to give a cheque to your school'. I said, 'Which school? There are two schools that run here. Which one, the weekend or the full time?' He said, 'No, your school, the one you run.' I said, 'Oh, the treasurer is right there, go to him he will take care of things.' He said, 'Okay.' He walks up and writes him a two thousand dollar check. Stranger, never met him. I thought maybe he is a parent. No, he was not a parent. Who among -? And believe me, it just shatters your mind. Who would walk in as a stranger from the state of New York City and walk in and give you a $2000 cheque. When he left, the brother says 'Oh, by the way, our deficit is taken care of, we have no deficit.' I just smiled and I remember that verse Wa tawakal 'ala Allah wa kafa billahi wakeela. Allah will take care of you. Leave it. (4:81)

Twenty years plus, we have never been in the red. Never, not a single day. We have never done a single day of fundraising dinners. Why? Not because it is not necessary. Because Allah says tawakal 'ala Allah. I take care of that for you. See, Allah has representatives on earth, they do the job and the leader is Imam Sahib al-Zaman, 'ajal Allah ta'ala farajah.