Friday Khutba - 22nd Dhu Al Hijjah 1435/2014

Asma-ul-Husna - Al-Mulhim Al-Mulhim - the one who provides inspiration - Examples in the Quran: -- 28:7 - inspired the mother of Prophet Musa -- 16:68-69 - showing that all creations of Allah swt receive inspiration - It is these inspirations that we receive that allow us to reach perfection - Two types of inspiration: -- intuitive inspiration -- continuous inspiration - the more we purify ourselves and follow our intuitive guidance, the more we will receive continuous guidance Our role with this name: - constantly work on purifying ourselves -- so we can distinguish between inspiration from Allah and satanic inspiration - continuously seek guidance and inspiration from Allah swt - in all we do - continue to inspire others and never let them down

Oppression of Shias in Saudi Arabia - What can we do? -- 1) pray -- 2) make this issue public -- 3) urge our government to make a statement to condemn the oppression --

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