Ghusl (Major Ablution) Tutorial

A simple tutorial on how to perform Ghusl.

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad, this is the Ghusl tutorial. I do advise my brothers and sisters to go through the wudhu tutorial before this one, because there is some very important information that I have explained there that is relevant to this as well. The detailed information as far as when and why and everything else regarding Ghusl please refer back to the extended books on Islamic jurisprudence and law. I have with me my son Hassan, and he is going to demonstrate how a Ghusl is performed.

The same thing that we did with Wudhu, with a cup. And as the sunnah is Ghusl with nothing more than a jug of water. This would be more than enough water for a person to finish their Ghusl. Reminding my dear brothers and sisters to minimize the wasting of water. So when you are doing the sequenced Ghusl, which is three parts, it is the head and the neck, including a little part of your shoulders, the right side of your body and the left side of your body, imagining that you are drawing a line in these three parts of your body.

The normal situation would be that the person is under a shower and having the water flowing on top of him. And he is washing himself, of course, making sure when he is washing that he is overlapping each part of the body. So this would be the first part. As you can see, his washing his head along with his neck and a little bit of his shoulders to overlap, making sure that that part is done. You can do it upwards and downwards and everything else. That is absolutely fine then that is Number 1.

Number 2, he is doing the right side of his body and making sure that it is covering his back, the front, and he is washing everything all the way down until the tip of his toes. Covering every single part of his body, then you have the left sides and overlapping again with the right a little bit of the right side of your body, a little bit of your neck and your arms, your hands going all the way down until the tip of your feet.

For the private parts, you can, you washing them with the right side and you also washing them with the left side. This would be the simple procedure of how a Ghusl is done. And I have enough water to throw onto Hassan because it is a hot day today. Al-Hamdulillah Rabb Al-Alameen wa assalat wa assalam ala sayyidina Muhammad wa ali at-tahirin.