Haram Rizq And It's Effects On The Acceptance Of Dua

Allah says He is speaking to the human being. "Fa minka al-du'a"- 'Your job is to make du'a'. "Fa Minka al-du'a wa 'alayya al-ijaabah"-' Your job is to ask, to supplicate, to pray and My job is..' What? 'To respond.'

But then what does Allah say? "Falaa tuhjabu 'anni da'watun..."-'No du'a is concealed from Me', "..Illa da'watu akil al-haraam." Allah says, 'I listen and all of the prayers, they are not, none of them are concealed from Me, there is only one du'a that is Mahjub [concealed]. It is not accepted, it is rejected. And that is the du'a of the one who consumes haraam [unlawful].'

You know, when we say eating haraam, we automatically think of what? We think of the haraam hamburger and the haraam hot dog. It is not just about food. It is about your source of income. Is your money halal or is your income from cheating and lying?

And, you know, sometimes you meet people, they, they lie to the government. They say, I am handicap, I can not work and they get a monthly stipend from the government and this is how they live. Their rizq is from haraam because they gained it from lying, they are dishonest. They cheat this company, they cheat that company, they do not work properly.

You know, they, they work a nine to five job, the company pays you to work nine to five and you get one hour break, but the guy takes a three hour break. So these two hours that you are not working, this is haraam money, so, we have to pay attention to this.

Imam Al-Sajjad 'Alayhi as-salaam, he says, "Luqmatu Haraam..." You know, 'Luqmah' in the Arabic language, it means a small morsel. You know, sometimes we think that, oh, it is just a dollar, five dollars. It is not a big deal. "Luqmatu Haraamin tamna'u istijaabati al-du'a wa qabul as-salah arba'ina sabaahan."-'A morsel of haraam'; that one dollar that was unlawful, whatever it may be, if it hits your account, if you take it; 'your salah and your du'a is not accepted.'

You still have to pray, you still pray, but the effect of the prayer, of the du'a is drastically reduced. So, if your prayer used to have 100 percent potency, now it is five percent. And then you have to you know, it is like when you have Internet and the signal is weak, how frustrated do you get when the Internet is slow and the signal is weak, it is frustrating! Imagine the signal between you and Allah is weak for 40 days!

'Tib al-Maksab' [Good/Pure means of income]

So again, many of us we may make we may be asking Allah, 'azza wa jal, for Haajaat and we are frustrated, why does not Allah answer and the problem is that you have to go back and check, is your income lawful?

[Farzandeh Haydar, ummid-e-aakhar, maw'ud-e-Aalam, Ya Mahdi]