How do you 'enjoy' ibadat?; Tips for Creating Enthusiasm & Interest

- Be aware of what you're going to do. Learn the understandings of what you're about to do, prepare mentally for it.
- How do you 'enjoy' ibadat? Or have enthusiasm?
- As a child or a new Muslim, you memorize Sura al-Fatiha, another sura, and other phrases for prayers.
- However don't stop there once you grow older. Learn the meaning behind the words, and connect with Allah.
- Some sins create barriers from feeling enthusiasm regarding ibadat. The same way an ill individual with a stuffy nose may not sense the fragrance of perfume, similarly various sins prevent you from feeling joy of ibadat.
- Time and space is also important. If salat is simply an item in your schedule which you 'must do and get over with it' so you can get back to 'important' business, then you won't feel joy of the ritual.