How Does God Test Us, And Why?

- Why are we in this world? - What is our purpose in this world? - Proving our worth for the salvation in the hereafter - This world is temporary, aakhira is forever - The way of attaining salvation is by overcoming hurdles/barriers/tests in life to follow the path of Siraat Mustaqeem - 'Fitna' and 'Balaa' in the Qur'an - test and trial - Surah Mulk - Ayaah 1 - Allah has created death and life to test us - Nahjul Balagha - Saying 93, Imam Ali talks about tests and trial - Imam Ali mentions how tests can come in the form of wealth and children. - Distinguishing one who is displeased with Allah's blessings and one who is content with what he has given us. - Justice demands that we go thorugh these hurdles in life - to bring out the actions which bring out rewards/punishment, even though Allah knows us better than ourselves. - Tests in situations of fear, hunger, poverty (loss of wealth), health/life, loss of 'fruits' - children Allah expects us to maintain patience in these situations, he guarantees to bless, have mercy on, and rightly guide those who are succesful in this regard. - Shaheed Murtadha Mutahhari says tests have the potential of bringing out the best in a human being. - Allah will never impose a challenge on anyone beyond their capacity, it is instead a recognition of one's potential. - Imam Husayn on the day of Karbala went through all these tests at the same time. Allah considered him worthy of such a situation.