How God Multiplies Your Good Deeds

But when you do this good deed, I am just gonna multiply it. You are gonna multiply it? I only did it once. Yeah, but I am just gonna multiply it. I am just merciful like that. That is what I do. I will multiply it by ten. And you say, well, okay, ten. That is a pretty generous number.

And then He says, you know what? You underestimated my generosity. Yeah, I am going to do it by ten. But sometimes I do it by, you know, numbers maybe a lot by higher like 700. 700! We were talking about one and two. He says, yes, one and two but sometimes 700.

You do Infaq. Surah Al-Baqarah talks about it (2:261). You do in Infaq. Yeah, I am going to take this Infaq. It is going to be like a seed and then from it, there are seven, you know crops, that grow from it. Every crop has 100 seeds in it.

That is your one Infaq you did. 700 times! I am going to multiply it by a factor. Sometimes you won't even know what that factor is. I only know what that factor is. And it has factors that determine what that number is going to be, that He is going to multiply by right. It is not by chaos or disorder. No, He has his own wisdom and reasons.

But what is that number at all times, we don't even know. Maybe twice, maybe ten times. Maybe 700. Maybe a number in between those. Oh, You really tipped the scales in our favour. You really made it easy for us!