How Special Is The Human Being?

What is so special about this 'human being'? That is you. That is me. Why? Why did God create you, and then out of 8.7 Million, for you He said, this is a masterpiece, this one's amazing when all of them are as complex as they are?

Let's go back to the beginning of the story. What happened when He wanted to bring this human being into this world? Of course the angels were like Ya Allah, what are you doing? O Allah, this human being, it can create corruption, it can shed blood.

He taught Adam some stuff, and then He told Adam to come, and He said, "Adam, anbihum bi asma'ihim" (2:33), once you tell them the stuff that I have taught you? This Adam I created, he can grow. You start at level five, you stay at level five. That is who you are. So the angels are. And the rest of creation. This one I created, if he starts at level two, he can pull himself up to level seven.

This is what made the human being so special. You are a human being. You get to become whatever you decide you want to become, there's a little bit of risk involved as well. Because he might go on the other side, he might go the other way instead of growing. This ability is what the Qur'an calls the Amanah, the trust, that thing that We entrusted the human being with. We presented this ability to everything in the heavens and earth and the mountains. But they didn't want any part of it (33:72). But you and I took Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala upon that deal.