How to wait for Imam-e-Zamana [a]

Wiladat of 12th Imam (a)
Youth Program.
- when we write areedha, we take the opportunity to break out of the ghafla that we live in to communicate with the imam (a).
- yes imam (a) is ghaaib -- but it is really we are the ones who are in ghayba. he is everywhere but we don't search for him.
- he is the most perfect human being who is alive right now. when we walk into a house where someone is there we say salaam to him. imam (a) is everywhere but we only say salaam to him once in a while.
- if you want to get closer to someone, you respect him. for example if your friend doesn't listen to music you won't listen to music in his presence. so if you want to build a relationship with him then you try to emulate and respect him.
- imam (a) is one of the most madhloom imams out of all the imams
- why do you leave him alone and go to others. why do you make friends with them.
- yes we are waiting for him (a) -- all the prophets and imams (a) before him were waiting for him -- but he is now waiting for us.
- does he want to make a relationship with you? you have to make yourself likeable.
- does he know about you? yes indeed because your deeds are shown to him.
- shouldn't you feel a bit obliged to the imam (a)? what has he not done for islam? what has his family not done for islam?
- If I talk to the Imam (a), he will hear me and see me, but it is I who am deaf and dumb and unable to hear his reply.