I am Still Not Ready to Wear the Hijab

Another excuse that some Muslim women give for not wearing the Hijab is: now I am convinced, but I am still not ready. Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, I am still not ready. And I am going to wait until whenever I am ready. What is that? Ten years? 20 years, 500 years? Only Allah knows when this girl, this woman will be ready. Now, what's the answer to this?

Those women that say, I will wear the Hijab when I am ready, some of them only after I go to Hajj, I tell those people, do you have a guarantee from Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala that day will come and you are still alive? Do you have a certificate from Allah that says that you will die in 20 years or in 50 years? If you do, fine. If anyone of the women of the Muslim women in this dunya, they have a certificate from the Angel of Death, he told them, I won't take your life until you are seven years old or nine years old, fine. Whenever you are ready to do it, as long as before you are dead. But does anyone have that guarantee?

Brothers and sisters, death can come anytime. So many sisters they said, I will wait until I am ready, that day never came because they died before that day. So this, we have to be very careful. This is one of the tools of the Shaytan, the Devil. That when I want to do something good, he says, "not now, wait until you are ready." Ten years, 20 years. He wants me to postpone and postpone and postpone until I die and I lose that opportunity.

And that is why we say, if you want to do something good with Hijab, with Salah, some brothers, sisters, they do not pray. I will pray when I am 50 years old. When I am 30, after I go to Hajj, I will give my Khums after. Don't procrastinate. If you want to do something good, do it now. Don't make excuses. Because this is the Shaytan fooling you telling you, don't do it now.

This is according to the Ahadith and the Qur'an. This is one of the what? One of the tools of the Shaytan. "Ya'iduhum wa yumannihim" (4:120) [He promises and fills them with vain desires]. No you are going to live a long life, there is no rush. If there is something inside you telling you there is no rush to wear the Hijab. There is no rush to go to Hajj. There is no rush to pray.

The Qur'an says this is the Shaytan. Do not be fooled by the Shaytan. And that's why one of the names of the Shaytan in the Qur'an is Al-Gharoor. Al-Gharoor is the deceitful one. He is not honest with you. He doesn't come up and tell you, I do not want you to pray. He says, pray, but not now- in 20 years from now. Do not let the Shaytan get to you. Do not make these excuses. This is the Shaytan telling us.

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