Imam 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a), Part I

Shi'a Islam: Class 4
MP3 format; recording quality is low, but we hope to improve on it for the next lecture insha'Allah.
- early history
- close relationship with the Prophet (s)
- migration to Madinah (Hijra), and participation in battles
- role of the Imam during the life time of the Prophet (s), as a warrior, protector, and scribe
- death of the Prophet, and the event of Saqifa
- election of Abu Bakr, and the controversy that surrounded it
- refusal of Imam Ali (a) to accept Abu Bakr as the first Khalifa, as well as his complete removal from political life in the years that followed
- discussion on why the nomination of Imam Ali (a) by the Prophet (s) was ignored
- elections of Umar and Uthman, and Imam Ali's refusal to accept the actions of first two Khalifas as binding
- discussion of the election method, and its lack of uniformity