Imam 'Ali b. Abi Talib (a), Part II

Shi'a Islam: Class 5
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- Opponents of `Uthman and circumstances around his murder.
- Reluctant acceptance by Imam Ali (a) of the Caliphate
- Demand of the Umayyads to seek the murders of `Uthman
- refusal of Mu`awiyah, A`isha, Talha and Zubair to pay allegiance to Imam (a)
- Battle of Jamal: causes, outcome, hostility of `Aisha to Imam (a)
- Battle of Siffeen: tricks of `Amr ibn `Aas, dissension in Imam's (a) army, demands for arbitration
- Rise of the Kharijites
- Sunnite view of Mu`awiyah
- Death of Imam (a)