Imamah - Part 6a

The Occultation/Concealment (Ghaybah) of the Mahdi [a] - False ideas on the ghaybah such as the Imam being in a cellar, cave, island, etc. - History of Samarra and the Cellar (Sardaab) there - the 4 Representatives (Nawwab) of the Mahdi [a] during the Minor Occultation (Ghaybah al-Sughra) - Tawqi'aat (Letters) of the Mahdi [a] - His Letter to the last representative (Naib) just before the Naib's Death - His Letters to Shaykh Mufid [r] - Predicting his own reappearance - Signs of his reappearance - The Prophet [s]'s prediction of the End of Times signs to Salman and his other companions - the Qadianis and interpretation of signs - Interpreting signs today - Q&A - Reasons for Ghaybah.