The Imamat of Ibrahim (a) / Free Will in Karbala

9th Night of Muharram
First part of this outstanding lecture is in English, second is in Urdu. Imamate is achieved by offering sacrifices in the way of Allah (swt). Nabi Ibrahim (a) had to sacrifice his son Ismail (a). How can a parent's sacrifice of his child be considered other than cruelty? Interpretation of relevant verse in Surat Saaffaat where Ibrahim (a) explains his dream to his son and leaves it up to his son to give his opinion (fandhur maadhaa taraa). This is a beautiful sacrifice which is the acceptance of the son and his willingness to submit to his Lord and to be among those who are patient (saabireen). This is free will and a partnership of father and son. Similarly, in Karbala, Imam (a) did not force anyone to fight in the battle. They did so out of love. Parallel between sacrifice of Imam (a) and sacrifice of Ibrahim (a). Imam (a) tried to find an excuse for all those who lined up for shahadat except his own son Ali Akbar (a). Ibrahim (a) was not raised to the level of Imam (a) because he sacrificed Ismail (a), but rather because he was able to raise a son that was willing to be sacrificed.