Intellectual Loneliness - Ramadan 1435/2014

Imagine if you enter a meeting between two surgeons and those two surgeons are discussing several surgeries. And I happen to be in that meeting. And it takes 2 hours long. I probably won't understand a word that they're saying. And if I do, I'll understand 10% to 15%. There, I'm suffering from intellectual loneliness. It's an extremely boring and dry state to be in.

Now imagine if that meeting was prolonged to 6 hours. Now imagine if that meeting was prolonged for an entire day. Not an entire day, but an entire lifetime. What do I mean?

As in there are some people in Muslim countries, he wakes up every morning with illiteracy. Yet this person still has to be the breadwinner of the family. This person still has to bring ends meet. He has to pay rent. He has to make a wedding for his daughter. He has to marry his son. He has to pay bills.

He has to be able to give an honorable lifestyle to his family. And every single day, what's on his mind is that I have to work ten times harder and I have to be that labor worker because I suffer from that intellectual loneliness. I suffer from illiteracy too.