Islam and Whatsapp - 4th Muharram 1438/2016

 - It is noticed that people use the Quran app to put on their head during the Ramadan A'maal. They do not get the point that they have to put the physical Quran and not the app - Whatsapp can help in - Silatul Rahm - Setting Campaigns and Events - Some of us have problems with whatsapp Some examples include: - Being added to useless groups - The best quality that can be gained fro mparents is the quality of adaab - ADAAB: When one does something which is more than expected - Examples: -Eating a pinch of salt before eating -Not walking while eating - Adaab is not mandatory but it raises the spirituality of the person - We are told that 90% of communication is non-verbal - One of the etiquette of adaab is to have husn ud dhann - HUSN UD DHANN: thinking the best for others; Good thought towards muslims - Religion of Islam says to give others the benefit of doubt. Husn ud dhann is the best example - Hiding behind a screen can destroy another persons life. Shaytaan is always trying to stray us - People post inappropriate images on social media - How do you expect your women to preserve their chastity if their men show inappropriate images