Islamic Perspective on Sexual Energy (9th Muharram Lecture)

Night of 9th Muharram, 1424 AH, 2003
- Nabi Yahya (a) was killed by a king who succumbed to sexual temptation and who gifted his (a) head to a prostitute. The 4th imam (a) reports that Imam Husayn narrated the story of Yahya (a) several times during during the journey to Karbala, as if warning those who would hear that uncontrolled sexual energy can potentially create a huge disaster.
- Why is premarital and promiscuous sex so common in society?
a) sex is profitable and we are bombarded with such advertising
b) curiousity and hormones
c) the media bombards teenagers with sexual images
d) peer pressure
- Discussion about exposure to drugs.
- The Qur'anic perspective on sexual energy is that
a) it is a gift from God
b) to be used in marriage
c) on a premarital level, the energy is so strong that it can harm you, as man has been created weak (Surat al-Nisa verse 28)
d) Satan is ready to deceive you and destroy you through sexual deviation
- To prevent destruction and channel sexual energy into marriage, Allah has given marriage, and enjoined the following conduct in non-mahram interactions with the opposite sex:
a) code of dress
b) contact of eyes has to be controlled
c) content of conversation be serious and avoid intimacy
d) character of conversation should not be with enticing sound
e) no covetous behavior
e) being a gift from God therefore has the potential in the context of marriatge enables us to move us to perfection.
- Story of Nabi Yusuf (a) and how he resisted the attempts of the wife of the governor.
- Moving account of the events and spiritual dimensions of the martyrdom of Ali Akbar ibn al-Husayn (a)Source: