Jaber recalls Husayn’s (A) childhood..

On seeing his grandfather, his beloved grandfather, cry profusely. He said to him, Jaddah, Ya Rasul Allah (S), mimma boka'uk? Why do you kiss me while you cry? He said," Uqqabilu mawadhi' al-siyuf a'ala jismik - I am kissing the locations where the sword strikes will hit you, they will wound you."

Imam Al-Husayn was left on the day of Ashura, Imam Al-Sadiq says," with 1,950 wounds." Be abi, anta, wa ummi, ya Aba Abdillah. Be abi, anta, wa ummi, ya ibna Rasul Allah. Yawm ala sadr al-Mustafa. One day you are sitting on the chest of Rasul Allah. And here you are on the day of Ashura, lying on the plains of Karbala and who is sitting on your chest? And so Jaber finds the grave of Aba Abdillah al-Husayn, he screams: Husayn! Husayn! Husayn! Habib, la yujeeb habibi? Why don't you answer me, my beloved sweetheart, Husayn?