Juz 23 Of 30 - Journeying Our Eyes Through The Qur'an

The 23rd Juz covers the last 55 verses of Surah Yaseen, Surah As-Saffat, Surah Saad and first 31 verses of Surah- Az-Zumar. This Juz reflects on the beauty, depth and sheer awe the Quran presents to a point that staunch enemies of Islam secretly listening were enamored by it. Over the span of two decades, verse by verse the people reflected and built a relationship with each sound of the Holy Quran. To become a Quranic society, we must question the role and status we give the Book of Truth on a daily basis. Leveling up our experience with the Quran is an essential tool to increase our mindfulness of Allah(swt). The Quran was sent down as a warning to never lose sight of our purpose. In what ways can we reflect on it everyday?

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