Lady Laila & Lady Umm Farwa - The Women of Karbala 1/4

This series of documentaries will focus on the women of Karbala; those who endured the struggle and brought justice as it can be argued that the stand against oppression began on the 10th of Muharram, after all the men were slaughtered on the land of Karbala. We will unpack and explore the roles of the women of the holy household in this series of documentaries. In this episode, we focus particularly on Lady Ramlah and Lady Layla, taking narrations from the Ahlulbait and reports from Karbala, featuring speakers such as Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhala, Shaykh Hanif Mohammed, Maulana Hassan Maroofi, Sayed Hani al-Wardi and Zakira Umme Farwa.