Lessons from the Marriage of Prophet Musa (a) - 3rd Muharram 1438/2016

 Every element in the prophets life should be important - The idea which should be in the spirit of the youth is to assist others - Musa (as) knew limits of Na mahram - The good side of Haya'a is: -Being embarrased from Allah -Being embarassed by the people - An example of almost haraam haya'a is if you are embarassed to pray or wear hijab amongst a group of people - The news cast shows the pressure on the hijab of women - The almighty says: "Are you looking for recognition from any people?" - "All of this bellngs to Allah (swt)" - It's not about the Body and the looks people should have, it is about the heart - Many Scholars say that there are many similarities between prphet Musa and the muslim Ummah - Usha'a Bin Noon had many similarities with Ameerul Mo'mineen -They was martyred on the same night -They both guided people to the same Rock for water -Usha'a lived 30 years after prophet Musa, Imam Ali lived 30 years after the prophet - The prophet says that communicate with your wwife with words, gifts, surprises etc - Prophet Musa secretly communicated with his wife when he saw the fire; from where he used to communicate with God - Talking to the wife helps reduce pressure - The Quran emphasizes on Love. - Some people style of love is Acts of Service - Some people like gifts. - In order to be loved, some people like the Quality time - meaning without any distraction - With Musa, it teaches us to master the art of communication