Making the Best of the Month of Ramadhan - Month of Ramadan Issues

Everything around us today is about getting the best, looking for the best reviews, the best hotels, their best products and services, and indeed we are attracted towards something that offers us the maximum that we can possibly obtain.

And that's why people ask the question this month of Ramadan, what is the best thing I can do?

What is the most desired deed in the eyes of God, the almighty that I can achieve that can somehow be proud of on the day of aid, after completing the month of Ramadan and the fast? We are very indeed blessed to be given the answer by the Holy Prophet of Islam, muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his holy progeny.

Asked by the Commander of the faithful, Amir Al-Mu'minin, peace and blessings be upon him. After he delivered this wonderful sermon on the last Friday of the month of Sha'ban, the Prophet of Islam said: "afdhal ul-'amal al wara' al-ma'arim illah!" The best deeds in the month of Ramadan is to have wara'. Question: what is it? Is it some strange spiritual state? And why is it so important? Well, you and I know that the whole purpose of fasting is Taqwa Yes God consciousness to be aware that God is watching us all the time.

Remember this when we are fasting and we're all by ourselves, sometimes we have the tendency or the inclination to eat or drink, but we don't, even though no one is watching us because we know He is watching us. So the idea of wara' therefore is Taqwa plus, I call it, which means I'm fully aware that I'm being watched by the Almighty Subhana wa Ta'ala.

So as far as doing what I have to do and staying away from that which I have to stay away from, I'm extra careful. I don't take chances. That is indeed what I should be focused on and what I should be somehow determined to achieve in the month of Ramadan.

You see, my dear friends, we're surrounded all around us with what's known as triggers and stimulants, things that make us click or incline us towards something. Consider this.

You're watching this video, right? Possibly next to you are possible triggers and stimulants to make you think about something else. If you are on YouTube, there are a number of suggested clips. Sometimes you're watching a movie and something comes up which you're not supposed to look at, but you're thinking it's not that bad. These triggers and stimulants are Shaytan's seeds that are planted in the heart.

The more we are triggered to watch these things, the more it becomes OK to transgress and to ignore wara' and Taqwa and the more audacious we become in committing sin.

Therefore, what's the best thing I can do in this month?

Develop a strong willpower to say no to temptations and desires that are forbidden and to constantly be aware that God is watching me and I therefore subsequently will become a better human being.

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