Marriage 3/3 - Protecting Your Spouse's Dignity; Conflict Resolution

- The fact that Imam Hussains entire family was present in Karbala is evidence of the strong bonds betweeen themselves - Wives still have the same amount of potential for achieving higher levels as the husband, not hindered by the unique responsibilities of each - Following only the shar'i/fiqh perspective isn't an effective method in a relationship, rather it must also be combined with akhlaq and morality - 'Aqd isn't considered a business transaction, rather it is a sacred covenant to live as a family with peace - Many of the duties carried out by wives/mothers, not by a legislation from Allah, but out of her sense of love - 3 items which a wife much protect during the absence of the husband: honor/dignity, money and property, and protecting the privacy - The need for both spouses to respect boundaries, work together, and maintain harmony in order to sustain the relationship - When two people are married, there is a new circle of relationships between the two existing families, not cutting one or the other off - Financial issues as a flashpoint of conflict - How to treat others around you in order to maintain politeness with your acquaintances, according to the Imams - Behaviour in the public vs private - The importance of protecting the privacy of each other - Concealing the defects and weaknesses of one another in order to maintain harmony inside, and dignity on the outside - The use of todays communication technology to quickly tell others of private issues, without first trying to resolve it internally and together "Honeymoons don't last forever, & unrealistic expectations start to set in, such as total & exclusive attention. Forming a marriage doesn't entail an exclusion of others. There are two family circles, forming a new third circle that is partially linked both on the left & the right. Both spouses must maintain that balance."