Midterm review and Imam Muhammad Baqir (a)

Shi'a Islam: Class 9
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- review of possible essay questions on the midterm
- the necessity of Imamate to be from the line of Imam Ali (a) and Bibi Fatima (a)
- life of Imam Baqir (a), and a discussion on the name 'Baqir'
- importance of the cultivation/transmission of knowledge by the Imams
- continuation of the movement of Mukhtar, even after his death, now called the Kaysaniya
- beliefs of the Kaysaniya, raj'a and ghayba
- rise in popularity of Zayd, the half brother of Imam Baqir (a), and his belief in the 'Imamate of the less virtuous'
- development of seperate fiqh for the different madhahib, including differences in furu' (eg. mut'ah and adhan), and 'usul (eg. ra'y, 'aql, and qiyas)