Midterm review and Imam Muhammad Baqir (a)



Shi'a Islam: Class 9
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- review of possible essay questions on the midterm
- the necessity of Imamate to be from the line of Imam Ali (a) and Bibi Fatima (a)
- life of Imam Baqir (a), and a discussion on the name 'Baqir'
- importance of the cultivation/transmission of knowledge by the Imams
- continuation of the movement of Mukhtar, even after his death, now called the Kaysaniya
- beliefs of the Kaysaniya, raj'a and ghayba
- rise in popularity of Zayd, the half brother of Imam Baqir (a), and his belief in the 'Imamate of the less virtuous'
- development of seperate fiqh for the different madhahib, including differences in furu' (eg. mut'ah and adhan), and 'usul (eg. ra'y, 'aql, and qiyas)

Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA
4th October, 2001
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