Muslim Neighbourhoods

As modern Western society becomes more and more secular, and God and the value of religion become relegated to the sphere of the personal, religion and believers become more and more excluded from assertion in the social sphere. The result is the generation of values and behaviours that are contrary to those of religion to the extent that claims like being atheist is looked upon as being with the times and a sign of a critical mind. Muslim communities in the West find themselves in the thick of this secular cultural juggernaut and the result is often a disaster. Our reactions range from losing our faith entirely to seeking to 'liberalize' or 'modernize' Islam in various forms to satisfy our own feelings of disadvantage when confronted with the challenges of aggressive secularism... If you can't beat them, join them. What are the strategies to be employed in order to stave off the secular assault at the gates of Islam? One of such strategies proffered is the establishment of Muslim neighbourhoods in order to have the physical environment that would support Islamic culture. There is opposition to this. One of them is that we would end up forming Muslim ghettoes and would marginalize ourselves from the wider society.