Peer Pressure vs. Dignity of Human Being as Illustrated in Karbala

Night of 7th Muharram, 1424 AH, 2003
- During the time of the Prophet (s), those weak in faith would offer excuses for not being able to participate in the battles of the Prophet (s). This is in contrast with Qasim ibn Hasan who pleaded with Imam Husayn (a) to allow him to participate.
- Case study of a teenager undergoing changes in behavior.
- What is peer pressure? In a recent book by Larkin titled Suburban Youth: Culture in Crisis, he explains that the typical school is divided into the jocks, the rah-rahs, the freaks, the greasers, the politicals, the academic elite, the motorheads, and the silent majority. It is the latter group that is subject to pressure to move into one of the other groups.
- Why does (negative) peer pressure occur? What are the factors that influence it?
1. If individual feel low self esteem, feels that joining a group can make him feel better.
2. Parents fail children in relationships.
3. Lack of courage and assertiveness.
4. A belief system which is faulty
- How to resist peer pressure?
1. Knowing that Allah has given us self dignity. Examples from Qur'an show that God is proud of us, He loves and cares for us, and we are entitled to become representatives of God on earth
2. If you want to gain popularity and prestige by conforming to society, Allah teaches that power and prestige is in hands of Allah
Extremely moving rendition of the martyrdom of Qasim ibn al-Hasan (a), the boy of less than 14 who knew where true power and prestige lie. When Imam Husayn (a) asked him about death in Karbala, he responded: ahla min al-`asl, sweeter than honey.Source: