Philosophy Of Ghaybah 13/14 - Imam Mahdi (AJ) And The Signs Of Reappearance

A'udhubillahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismillah ir Rahmanir Rahim. Alhamdu lillaahi Rabbil 'aalameen, Al-Hamdulillah il-ladhee hadaanaa lihaadha, wa maa kunna linahtadiya law laaa ann hadaana Allah (7:43), wassalaatu wassalamu 'ala ashrafil anbiyai wal mursaleen, khaatim in-nabiyeen, sayedin il-mumajjad, basheerin il-musaddaq, al-mustafal amjad mahmudil Ahmad, abil Qasimi Muhammad [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].

Wa 'ala ahli bayti at-tayyibeen at-tahireen al-ma'sumeen, wa la'natullahi 'ala al-dhalimeena, minal-awwaleena wal akhireen. Amma ba'ad, faqad qal Allahu subhana wa ta'ala fi Kitabih il-Majeed, wa Furqanih il-Hameed, wa qawluh ul-haqq, Bismillahir Rahmanin Raheem, "Wa lammaa jaaa'ahum Kitabum min 'indil laahi musaddiqul limaa ma'ahum, wa kaanoo min qablu yastaftihoona 'alal ladheena kafaroo falammaa jaaa'ahum maa 'arafu kafaru bih; fa la'natul laahi 'alal kaafireen"(2:89). Aamanna billah. Sadaqa Allahu al-Ali ul-Adheem. Salawat ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].

Awaited Saviour of humanity, Imam al-Mahdi, alayhi assalam, my respected teachers, elders, brothers and sisters, assalam 'alaykum jamee'un wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh [wa aleykum assalam, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu].

Our discussions concerning the philosophy of ghayba of the Awaited Saviour humanity, Imam al-Mahdi, ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad] has reached its penultimate discussion inshaAllah and we have been looking over the last few days at the methodology which the Awaited Saviour, Imam al-Mahdi ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef Shareef will employ. And we did this under the guise of the tradition from our sixth Imam, alayhi assalam, 'Al-Mahdi yasna'u kama sana'u Rasul Allah' - Al-Mahdi acts just as Rasul Allah acted. And so we analyzed Mecca and the way in which Rasul Allah liberated Mecca and broke the shackles of the mind and the intellect upon those people and highlighted that this would formulate part and parcel of the Mahdian movement.

And we looked, for example, at certain places in the world, specifically Israel, the illegal and illegitimate state, and ISIS also an illegal and illegitimate state, and how the shackles of the people are kept in places like that. And so Mahdi, salamullah alayih, must break those institutions in order to ensure that humanity has its shackles also broken. And then we talked about Medina. Medina was a very plural society in which Rasul Allah had to govern many faiths and many sects, the goal of which was to bring out, to espouse the best from those communities so that it removes their fears of each other, removes their insecurities, and makes them all a very God-centric place. And thus, when we see the world and all of its plurality, all of its color, we also appreciate that Imam Mahd,i alayhi assalam, will also need to construct a world that is very appreciative of one another and ensure that they can live alongside one another.

This evening, inshaAllah, we're going to discuss a new topic. And tomorrow night also a new topic. Tomorrow night, in the conclusion, we will answer that question that we opened our discussion with two weeks ago and that is: why should seven billion people from around the world of various faiths and denominations actively work for the Awaited Savior and welcome him with open arms when he comes inshaAllah? How does that happen? Why, at our philosophical level should that happen? And for you and I to appreciate the reality of what will occur inshaAllah when the Awaited Savior comes and the global Mahdian revolution begins to unfold.

Tonight our discussion, inshaAllah, will look at 'Alamaat as-Sa'a - the signs of the end of time, and particularly to explore what the Holy Qur'an says, and also to look at a very famous tradition from the books of our brothers, the Ahlul Sunnah wa Jama'a to describe some of the signs of the coming of the Imam, alayhi assalam. Why do we discuss the signs of the coming of our Imam, Imam al-Mahdi ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef? [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad]

The purpose of the sign that is mentioned to us in our scriptures are there as a warning to you and I to be able to appreciate the times in which we live in. Many times, the signs that are mentioned are often mentioned in a negative context or a negative connotation in that the minority of times when a sign is mentioned, it is something positive to be able to take away. And thus when we see a sign, it gives us a wake up call to the reality of the world that we live in and to see what is taking place in front of our very eyes.

It is a very beautiful thing to think that our A'immah, salamullah alayihim ajma'een and our Holy Qur'an - the holy Thaqalayn, have prophesied to such detail what the world will look like, maybe hundreds or even thousands of years later. And thus, when you see such clear prophecies being made, it becomes a satisfaction within the heart that our A'immah, salamullah alayihim ajma'een, were so accurate in their descriptions as to how the world will come.

However, when we see them, especially these negative signs or negatively associated signs, the purpose of that wake up call is for you and I to really be aware so that we may warn our own hearts, we may warn our own family members, our community members and even the world outside to demonstrate how the world is regressing in its own morality. The purpose of a wake up call is to get you up, is to move you from one place to another. I set the alarm. I'm picking a time and saying Fajr is three a.m. What happens is I set my alarm, I can either set my alarm before Fajr, I can set my alarm at the time of Fajr, or I can set it after the time of Fajr. If I set it before, then the purpose is for me to wake beforehand and to prepare myself for my acts before the time sets in. I can wake up dead on time for the act itself or I continue to press snooze, and even though the great event has been present in front of me, I continue to sleep, disassociating myself from the value of the event that is actually occurring at its great time.

The best way to do it is to actually wake up before the time of Fajr. Fajr is at three. I wake up at 2:50, I wake up at 2:30 and so on and so forth. The purpose for that is to allow me to prepare adequately and correctly for the ibadah that I'm expected to do. There is a great scholar of akhlaq we mentioned him yesterday and the way in which he dealt with our Sunni brethren by the name of Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Ridha Sherazi, rahmatullah alayih, passed away a few years ago. It is said by his nephew, one of his children, grandchildren, a young child, that he was preparing for salatul Dhuhr. Let us say Dhuhr is at one o clock. And he got up fifteen minutes before Dhuhr and refreshed his wudhu.

And so his nephew or his grandson, the child came to him and said, 'Sayedna, my uncle or grandfather, can you tell me, Dhuhr is not for another 15 minutes - why have you refreshed your wudhu now?' He responds by saying that there is an etiquette between a servant and the master. The master may ask you to do something, but it is always better for the servant to know what is wanted and expected from him by the master and carry out that duty before he's even asked to perform it. I can perform my wudhu on time or a couple of minutes before, but what was lovely is for me to be able to actually prepare myself earlier for that duty.

In the same way, the reasons for the 'Alamaat as-Sa'a - the signs of the end of time, the signs of the hour, the signs of the zuhoor of Imam, alayhi assalam, is to wake us up now, not at the time when Imam al-Mahdi alayhi assalam comes, and certainly not to snooze past his coming, to wake up well after the zuhoor of Imam alayhi assalam. And so we want to look at these signs because it is a great testimony for you and I to have awareness of our A'immah, salamullah alayihim ajma'een and what they have given to us. To wake us up so that we are very much aware of what is being guided to us in that when we see these signs, we do not become partial to them. We do not become partial to the negative signs that are present.

For example, one of the signs that comes to us from Amir al-Mu'mineen Ali ibn abi Talib salawatullah wa salamuhu alayih[Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad]. One sign mentioned by Imam alayihi salam is that Muslims at the end of time will pass each other in the street and not bother or want to give salam to each other. This was something unexpected because especially in the earliest times, Muslims were really brothers of each other. They had given up so much for each other. And so there was that atmosphere of brotherhood. And so it was inconceivable that a Muslim may see each other and not even take the time out to greet with a welcoming of peace and safety between each other. Today, we walk up and down the malls. Today we walk past each other in the places of school and the places of work and we ignore each other despite knowing that each of us are Muslim. It is something for you and I to think about.

Here, we will start with one of the verses from the Holy Qur'an, which speaks about the signs of the end of time, or specifically the sign of the coming of Imam alayhi assalam. Why do we start here? As we've mentioned so often through this series, whenever we have a question, whenever we have a thought, the way to structure and mold our mind is not through the hadith. The ahadeeth are not protected. The Qur'an is perfect, pure and protected. My first point is to stop and [see] what the Qur'an says and to ask myself what might the Qur'an say on such a subject. And so we look within the Holy Qur'an and we find many times signs of the end of time or signs of the coming of Imam alayhi assalam are mentioned. For now this evening, we will only mention one and elaborate on one in particular.

This is from Chapter number 10, Sura Yunus, verse number 24, Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala speaks about the world and then what is to come towards the end of that world. And when you hear the signs of what the world will be like, it really gives you and I something to think about and the way in which people are actually abusing this world today. 'Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Innamaa mathalul hayaatid dunyaa ka maaa'in anzalnaahu minas samaaa'i'(10:24) - surely the similitude, the likeness of the life of this world is like water that comes from the sky; 'fakhtalata bihee nabaatul ardi mimmaa ya'kulun naasu wal an'aam'(10:24)- so the world is given a similitude here by Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala and its similitude is like the water that comes from the skies. What is the water that comes from the skies? The rain. The rain comes especially today here where we had tornado warnings locally with the clouds and the cyclical movement of the clouds around the entirety of the world.

What happens? It comes in phases and the clouds come one day strong, the clouds come another day. There is sun. The world continues to move, just like the seasons continue to move and the rains continue to fall. What do the rains do? 'Fakhtalata bihee nabaatul ardi mimmaa ya'kulun naasu wal an'aam,'- and from those rains herbage grows, which animals and mankind eat. It continues on. This is life. It continues on in these cycles of rain coming and making food for you and I. And we live out these cycles on a day to day basis.

Then the tone of the verse changes, instead of just saying, this world continues like the seasons, rains come, herbage grows, people eat, it continues, Allah (SWT) now says that there will come a time when you should see a shift. Until when? The cyclical movement of the earth will continue 'hattaaa idhaaa akhadhat 'l-ardu zukhrufahaa'(10:24)- until when the Earth shall puts on its embellishments. 'Wazzayyanat wa dhanna ahluhaaa annahum qaadiroona 'alayihaaa'(10:24)- and people think that they shall have power over the Earth. The world will continue on. You'll see it. We will have ages and eras and lifetimes, and the world will continue and dynasties will come and go, just like seasons come and go and people will eat and people will continue until the world will shift and you will see distinctive features within the world. What are those distinctive distinctive features? Until when the Earth puts on its adornments and embellishments.

What does that sound like to you and I when we think about such a verse? The world will continue, but a time will come when the Earth puts on its embellishments. If you look around the world today and you see how especially in the last 50 or 100 years, how the world has begun to put on its embellishments and its adornments. Think now, for example, of when you see Dubai that yesterday was a barren land and sand and dust filled it. And only within a few decades that land has changed and become so beautified and so embellished upon the earth. Think about other things, other places within the world.

Think about how you and I see New York at night or London at night glistening with all of its lights. It's interesting that Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says the world puts on its embellishments, 'hattaa idhaaa akhadhat 'l-ardu zukhrufahaa' (10:24). You know, sometimes when we see pictures from space, or we see pictures from satellites or we see pictures from space stations. We see the world part of it is in day and part of it at night, especially when you see part of the world in night, you will often see that the cities in their illuminations with the electric grids have shone throughout the nightand you will see the whole of the United States glistening in that adornment and in that embellishment of that light that is coming through. The world will come to this. 'Wa Dhanna ahluhaaa annahum qaadiroona 'alayihaaa'(10:24) - and another one of the signs of what this world will eventually be like, a prophecy, is that people will think that they have power over the entirety of the earth. Think about it for a minute. When the Qur'an was revealed, they knew that there were empires beyond their own borders, didn't they?

They knew that there was a Roman Empire. They knew that there was a Persian empire. And so they knew at that time there were other empires and there was not one empire that assumed power over the entirety of the earth - that felt that their power could stretch from one side of the world to the other side of the world. Even Zulqarnain alayhi assalam is said to have only had half of the world under his control. And so for an entire world, for people to conceive and think that they have power over the earth stretching from one side of the earth to another was something great. Even tyrants like Muawiya or Yazeed, they didn't consider that they had power over the entirety of the Earth. But a sign of the end of time is when people think that they have power over the entirety of the world.

Look at colonialization of Great Britain, stretching from one side of the world to the other side of the world, or even today, if people consider that the United States of America has in some way got a proxy empire across the world. But that's a very elementary way to think about it. It says that people will think, 'wa zanna ahluhaaa' (10:24)- people will consider and conceive, postulate that they have power over the entirety of the world. It doesn't necessarily mean literally military power or colonialization. People think that they have power by manipulating the world today. Think about an individual. If you have a chance tonight, take this as your homework for tonight. Think about the gentleman by the name of Frank Luntz. He was a Republican Party pollster here in the United States and worked very closely with former President George W. Bush. You will read lots about this individual and the way in which he has manipulated the world today. Let me explain the way in which this dreadful gentleman manipulated the world and think about this verse that talks about how the world has become a playground for people to think that they have power over the entirety of the world.

Have you heard of global warming? Yes. Have you heard of climate change? Yes. These two terms are often used synonymously with each other. When media outlets talk and scientific outlets talk about global warming, often they won't use the word global warming, they will use climate change. And this has been placed into our lexicon and into our national dialogue without any of us noticing or without some of us noticing. Frank Luntz was responsible for placing into our jargon the term climate change as opposed to the usage of the word global warming. When you research Frank Luntz this evening or tomorrow, inshaAllah, you'll read that his particular area of specialty is to manipulate language and his area of expertise is to understand how the human mind interacts with language so that when I say a certain word to you, you think about it in a certain way.

For example, we often say today the word terrorism is associated with Muslims. When that evil individual two weeks ago walked into the church in Charleston and shot and killed nine innocent souls, may Allah's mercy descend and envelope them, he was not called a terrorist. Why? Because now the media associates this word with a certain type of individual or a person that fits them, meaning the more you use the word terrorism, the more it's going to be associated with a certain person. How does that happen? It is because the media directs that discussion in that way.

In the same way, when there was much scientific material being released about man-made impact on global warming, this was something unacceptable to George W. Bush. Why? Because the science would impact it the economy and as such, there would need to be regulation upon industry and economy. Now, when you have friends and lobbyists that that's going to effect, Exxon or Shell and all of these other companies or the Koch brothers and all of these other people, their lobbyists need to find a way out of the science and the words of global warming because global warming has a negative attachment to it. So who did George W. Bush go to? You don't have to believe me. You can read this yourself. He admits this himself in his memoirs. You can read this about Frank Luntz himself.

They went to this pollster and to this manipulator of people and they asked, how do we change the lexicon? How do we change the dialogue so that when we speak about global warming, we put it in a more friendly term. We say it in a way which is more acceptable to the people so as not to have to impact policy that comes from the White House. A few days later, Frank Luntz came back and said, from now on, we need all of our media outlets to drop the words global warming because this has a negative attachment to it. From now on, you must change it and call it climate change. Why? Because the climate has consistently changed throughout the years. And so we can say that, yes, there is change within the climate. We're not denying it. The discussion is whether a human is having an impact upon climate change. Across the entirety of the world, this language changed overnight and no longer were people using the word global warming. People were now using the words climate change in order to mystify the reality of this. People think, as the Qur'an says, that they have power over the world, that they can manipulate the world and make it putty in their hands and change it for the worse without any of us noticing it.

Look at the way the Qur'an describes it. Now, as a requisite to having power over the world and people thinking - 'wa dhanna ahluhaaa annahum qaadiroona 'alayihaaa' (10:24) - people thinking that they had power over the world. You need to have a global village, don't you? And thus it couldn't have happened 500 years ago, it may not even have been able to happen 200 years ago. Only in an era now where we have a global village where news and information can circumambulate the world within seconds, can people take advantage of that apparatus to be able to destroy the world.

Frank Luntz, this gentleman didn't end there. Again, read up on him. You know, one of the things that he did to manipulate the world and to think that he has power over the world. Recently, last year, the independent newspaper from the United Kingdom released a report highlighting that the illegal and illegitimate state of Israel had contracted Frank Luntz to ask him how to manipulate the media so that whenever an incident in occupied Palestine happens, they reveal and they release the incident under certain words that cushions the blow.

1400 civilians died this time last year from their air raids, from tanks, bulldozers. When you release that information, how you release it to the media, to the journalists, you can word in a certain way: collateral damage. Yeah, they were 50 innocents in a school. But, you know, apparently at some point some militants shot rockets from the roof of that school. You see, it's IDF 'forces' - legitimized word: forces. But an elected government in Palestine - Oh, they are 'militants.' Who did this? Who manipulated these words? Last year, we found out that Frank Luntz, again, was manipulating this work and this dossier to release to people.

What does the Qur'an say? Amongst the signs of the end of time is that there will be people who think that they have power over the world, that they can corrupt the world with their own hands, with their own resources. This is one of the signs of the end of time from the Holy Qur'an. The verse continues: Wa Dhanna ahluhaaa annahum qaadiroona 'alayihaaa'(10:24) So, once people see the world putting on its embellishments, the world becoming beautified, New York Dubai, London, the world shining with its electric grids; once the world sees that people have power or they think that they have power over the world: two signs of the end of times; what does the Qur'an say happens at that point? 'Ataahaaa amrunaa laylan aw nahaaran'(10:24)- Our command comes by night or by day. Who is that command or what is the fulfillment and the manifestation of that command? Imam al-Mahdi, ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].

When you see the world becoming embellished and people thinking that they have control over the entire world, you will see at that point Our command comes by night or by day. There was a Lebanese Christian scholar who read this verse one day and he mocked it. His name was Professor Haddad, and he mocked it and wrote and said, look at this verse. Look at the God of Muhammad. These are his words: Look at the God of Muhammad. He doesn't even know whether His command will come by night or by day. He hasn't figured it out whether His command will come by night or by day. What kind of prophecy is this if you don't even know whether your hujja will come during the night or during the day?

One of the great scholars by the name of Ayatullah Sadeqi Tehrani, passed away a couple of years ago in Qom, student of His Eminence Allama Sayyid Tabatabei, rahmatullah alayihima, wrote a response in his tafsir to Professor Haddad. He writes back saying, 'You have completely misunderstood the point that Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala is making. Look at the preceding verse: 'wa dhanna ahluhaaa annahum qaadiroona 'alayihaaa' (10:24), - people will think that they have power over the entirety of the world. Meaning that this comes when we are talking about a global construct. I ask you a question. When does Imam Mahdi alayhi assalam come? What day? Who can tell me? Friday. According to our belief, what time does he come on Friday? Jum'a time. So what time is that approximately? Just give me a figure and say twelve o'clock. He comes in Mecca, twelve o'clock. If he comes Friday, twelve in the afternoon in Mecca, what time will it be in Australia? Nine thirty pm. If he comes 12:00 p.m., Friday Mecca, what time would it be in Vancouver? Three a.m. Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says that now comes Our Amr, Our command - it comes by night or by day because when Imam al-Mahdi alayhi assalam comes in Mecca, one part of the earth will be in night and one part of the earth will be in day.

It becomes obvious. Look at the beauty of the Holy Qur'an describing these signs - 'Alamaat as-Saa'a'. Here as we begin to look at this, the Qur'an speaks in these ways and also the ahadeeth speak in these ways. Listen to the way in which our messenger, Rasul Allah Muhammad, sallal-lahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad] begins to describe this particular series of signs.

In a very famous narration, which comes to us from the companion Ibn Mas'ood, and this tradition is very famous amongst our brothers, the Ahlul Sunnah wal Jama'a and let me read it to you, inshaAllah. Qul, Ya Rasul Allah, he says, 'Oh, my Prophet and Messenger, 'hal lilsa'ati min anta'rif as-sa's? Are there ways to know the signs of the end of time? He responds by saying, na'am,'Yes. Ya Ibn Mas'ood, 'inna lil sa'ati, surely the Hour has signs of the end of time'. And he says, 'wa inna min a'lam as-sa'ati washratiha ayyakun alwalada ghaida' 'That amongst the signs of the end of time are that children will be very angry'. This is the first. 'wa ayyakun almatrib qaidha' And that the that the rain will burn like acid rain. And you will see evil people spreading wildly across this world. Oh Ibn Mas'ood, amongst the signs 'ayut'amin al-qa'im ayya kun al amin' of the end of time is that a betrayer, someone who is untrustworthy, will be believed and trusted. But the person who is truly trustworthy, he will be belied. Oh Ibn Mas'ood, from amongst the signs of the end of time will be 'anta wasilal atbaq' that you will see satellite dishes and the spread of knowledge through satellite dishes. Subhana Allah! Even the same words that we use for satellite today, muwasilaat is being used here to describe the signs of the end of time. What will happen with these signs, with with the dishes that will be spreading, will be constantly talking with each other, 'wa anqata'a al-arham' people will cut off their family members. Instead of spending time with their family members, they will sit in front of that thing that is spreading all these signals, the TV.

He continues, Oh Ibn Mas'ood, you will see hypocrites ruling and you will see that the markets are controlled by evil people'. Subhana Allah, do we even need to talk about the crash from 2008 and the way in which money has been manipulated since? 'Oh Ibn Mas'ood, you will see that the mehraab will be beautified and adorned. Oh Ibn Mas'ood, you will see certainly that the believer is humiliated worse than a goat or treated worse than a goat'. Animals are slaughtered and are given rights, animal rights, but as the signs of the end of time, the mu'min will be treated worse than the animal. They will not even be treated with rights the way in which animals are treated with rights. What do we see? Today, believers being lined up, shot; believers in sajda being blown up without any of their rights.

It continues. 'You will see, Oh Ibn Mas'ood, that amongst the signs of the time is that children, youth will have great wealth amongst themselves'. When you see child actors or singers or you see young businessmen having such amount of wealth amongst themselves. 'And you will see corruption being made towards our women. Oh Ibn Mas'ood, you will see that amongst the signs of the end of time will be Kharab ad-Dunya - you will see that the destruction of this world will begin to take place. Destruction of civilization.' And you see it today when ISIS and their groups, when they capture any piece of ground, any piece of land, the first thing that they want to do is destroy the civilization and the history from that civilization, going into museums, going into places of worship and setting bombs and destroying those pieces of worship in its entirety. 'Oh Ibn Mas'ood, you will see amongst the signs of the end of time how wine is drunk openly.'

There are many other signs that are mentioned by the Holy Prophet of Islam. It makes you and I think about what is taking place in front of our eyes, and it makes you and I reflect upon the world that is in front of us today. As we stated, the purpose of these signs are for you and I to recognize them, to make sure that we are not part and parcel of the negative signs, and also to think about how you and I may interact with these signs that are coming towards the end of time. When we see our kids and our youth sitting here, we want them to have surety in Islam in the heart. And having such signs, prophesiesed like satellite dishes would be bouncing around the messages that we would end up having. And these things would be the reasons for separation of family and the time of family members. We want to think about how we bring our own children up in light of those signs.

There is so much research being put out today that talks about the average American child when they come home from school, spends six hours a day watching TV. That's one quarter of their day is spent sitting in front of that box watching things which are of inappropriate nature, girls, women who are being sexualized and corruption and destruction and playing computer games that we as parents have bought that are destroying their mindset.

Think about it. It's very interesting. We have a way to pacify our children nowadays, and that is to sit them in front of the TV instead of spending time with them or to give them the iPad and let them just play for hours upon hours. I want you to think about this very closely and reflect upon this. As a community, as parents, as elder siblings. What we end up doing often is putting them in front of the TV. And putting something for their age and what they end up doing is watching Disney Channel or Nickelodeon thinking that these things are harmless fun.

Firstly, as we mentioned a few nights ago, from the pulpit, amongst those corporations that fund the illegal states of Israel is the Disney Channel. And so straight away when we go there, when we purchase, when we take our children there, what we're doing is buying bullets, that ends up in the backs of the children of occupied Palestine, number one. Number two, when we sit them in front of Nickelodeon and sit them in front of Disney and all of these things, have you ever taken time to sit and watch what these shows are about?

They are 12 year old girls, 15 year old girls, 12 year old boys, 15 year old boys that are living out a very Westernized life. What does that mean? That they're going through their own very westernized challenges. So you will see these 12 year old girls, 15 year old girls, what will they be doing? They'll be having boyfriend troubles at the age of 13 and 15. I've even seen an episode just to understand it for myself. I've even seen an episode where these 15 year old girls have actually cheated on their friend's boyfriend. And then the whole episode is about making up with your friend when she stole her boyfriend. What happens? Our youth spend time, two hours, three hours, four hours a day watching this junk. Now, I ask you a question. When Nickelodeon and Disney and all of these channels recruit their so-called superstars, these child actors that are earning so much money, malik as-Subyan, as the hadith said, do you think they're going to get the most ugliest people to go on the shows? They get the most beautiful of male and females. And so what we do is we teach our children for two hours and three hours to stare at this box, staring at handsome 14 year old boys. What do you think is going through the mind of a girl, young child that is beginning to develop herself?

And then you get the young 14 year old boy is looking at the superstar, 14, 15 year old girl in the way in which she's dressed in the way in which she's talking and the way in which she's interacting. And our youth are spending all this time staring hour upon hour, day after day, year after year, staring at her. What do you think is going through his mind? Do you think he's there because it's a comedy? You think it's really funny? What do you think he's staring at? And what we do is we place our children here and then we bring them to mosque for two hours and we expect them to come out of religious and pure.

We have to think why these signs have been mentioned to you and I, why our Holy Messenger and the Holy Qur'an have brought these signs to us and the reality of what they're trying to tell you and I, that we become encompassed within these day to day signs. We don't even think about the way they impact us and the way in which they're actually bringing up our children and destroying our children. It's very interesting. Then we complain and we say, why is it my child is unruly? Why is it that my child isn't coming to the Masjid? Why is it that my child is going out with certain people who they should not be going out with? My friend, you fed your child on exactly the same thing you gave all the other children of the world. How can you now consider that they will come out any different?

Hence, brothers and sisters, when we see these signs, they are not there for us to ignore - they're there for us to understand, for us to reflect on and to concede as to how we are not going to be part and parcel of the negativity of those signs. Let us take some time, inshaAllah, as I mentioned, the homeowrk was to review Frank Luntz and Insha'Allah we'll read more about him in the way in which he tries to manipulate the world and believes that he has power over this world. And we will see those who are associated to him that also give him the opportunity to think that he has power over this world. Tomorrow, inshaAllah will conclude our series by asking how is it that seven billion people around the world will gravitate towards the coming of the Awaited Saviour of humanity Imam al-Mahdi , ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].

Please raise your hands. Let us join each other in dua – we ask Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala sincerely to hasten the reappearance of the Awaited Saviour; to be alongside him at all times in our life and in our death; if we are to pass away from this world before his coming, to raise us from our graves so that we may partake in the victory of Muhammad wa Aali Muhammad.

Ya Allah, there are many people around the world going through such desperate times, those in a state of war and oppression, grant them all safety, security and victory for the sake of Muhammad and Aali Muhammad. And in the final moments of our life, allow us to die in love of Muhammad and Aali Muhammad. Wa assalamu alaykum jamee'un on wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Let us conclude this discussion with a loud salawat in honor of the Awaited Saviour, Imam al-Mahdi, ajjalallahu ta'ala faraja shareef [Allahumma Salli alaa Muhammad wa aali Muhammad].