The Power of Tears - 1st Muharram 1438/2016

- Crying can be due to sadness, emotions etc - Crying and shedding tears is required for survival of human being - Science tells us that crying is different from men and women - Women shed tears over 30 times a year for six minutes, while men cry 16 times a year - Quran states that not only many of humans cry, but the Earth and many other animals cry also - Crying brings about physiological benefits - Dry eyes are very painful, crying lubricates the eyelids - It leads bacteria to move out, without which would lead to blindness - Whomsoever cries for paradise, then heaven is for them. - Whoever cries for the materialism of this world, then hell MIGHT be for them - Some people ask: "Why cant i cry? I keep on trying?" - There is something wrong when you cant cry. - Imam Ali says that the eys are not dry, its just that the heart is sealed/darkened. This is because of excessive sinning. - Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah: the Darkened heart is compared to rocks even though it is harder than the rocks.(2:74)