The Price of Your Soul

How much is the price of your soul? Sh. Salim Yusufali sets the perfect analogy to wake us up...

We have a body and we have a soul. Oftentimes when we forget about the value of the soul and we forget about the fact that this is what is going to take us into success in the Hereafter, what we are doing is we are squandering something which is very valuable. It is a very precious thing that we have.

Let me give you an analogy. Imagine that you were given a big stack of one hundred dollar bills, let's say, big stack, this big, hundred dollar bills. Now, there is a number of things you can do with that stack of hundred dollar bills. You can take it, you can admire it, you can give it as gifts to your fellow brothers and sisters on 'Id. But most people are not going to do that right?

Now, let us say you have this big stack and you realize that it has gotten cold. And you are looking for something to make a fire out of. And you look around, you do not see any firewood. You find a lighter, and you have a big stack of hundred dollar bills right. So you are like, hmm, okay, it is cold, I want to feel hot. Let me take the bills and let me light the bills on fire and make a fire out of them. So now you are burning the hundred dollar bills and you are making fire out of them.

Now, most of you, if you were to even think about it, you would be in shock. You would be like, how could you possibly ever think about using, forget about hundred dollar bills, even if it is like a stack of one dollar bills, you never burn one dollar bills.

What is the problem here? The problem is, first of all, how long is the fire going to last? Maybe a couple of minutes, maybe maximum 10 minutes, and then all those bills are going to be burned. You do not have any left. Second of all, and this is the bigger problem, the bigger problem is that the hundred dollar bills are meant to be used for something a lot more important. Just take one of those, go down to your local Walmart, or we do not shop at Walmart, right. So let's go to Target, and pick up some artificial logs they make these days and bring that, and then use the rest of the change to buy some coffee, and then keep the rest of the money, invest it for your college. So the point is that that is just not at all a smart thing to use the bills for, because they are a lot more valuable than to be used in such a silly way.

Now, that is just an analogy for us to think about. But at the end of the day, it is still a material amount of money, a big stack of bills. What is it, a million bucks, 10 million bucks. When it comes to the human being, that soul that we have is so precious, it is so precious that Allah connects it to himself. He says "min ruhi", and Allah is infinite. So the value of the soul is infinite as well too.

When somebody commits a sin, right, now we are getting serious here, this is the bottom line here, and we are going to end with this, we are going to move to the next part. When somebody commits a sin, what they are doing is even worse than that person who was lighting a fire to that stack of bills, because after all, bills are something which is material, and here is something which is immaterial. It could rise to the highest levels of perfection. But when we commit a sin, that is exactly what we are doing. We are burning our potential. We are burning our capital. What we are supposed to be is now being thrown away and burnt away.

Let me just end this part of the speech with a saying again from Imam Ali, alayhi assalam. He encompasses the whole message of the speech in just one line. He says, "inna li anfusikum athmaanan", the souls that you have, these have prices to them, they are worth something, "fa la tabi'uha illa bi'l-Jannah", do not sell your souls for anything less than Paradise. Meaning that the path to Paradise, the path to Paradise and the pleasure of Allah has been laid out for us, which is the religion of Islam.

Do not sell yourself short. Do not lose out on the valuable price of these souls by doing anything to move away from that Path which Allah has shown you and will take you to Paradise.