Role Of Ibadat In Purification Of The Soul 3/3 - 13th Rajab 1435/2014

Special bonus: qasida recitation; Conclusions from previous lectures on this topic: - Worship has a tremendous effect on our souls - Once we worship Allah SWT the way He wants us to worship Him, we enter His servitude - Once in His servitude, we will then reflect the noor of Allah - We will never enter complete servitude until we completely submit to Allah; Hadith from Imam Ali (as) (Nahjul Balagha Hadith #252) about the reasons why Allah has prescribed things the way He has - imaan for purification from shirk - salaat for elimination of pride - zakat as a cause of growth of sustenance Reflections on the hadith: - everything that Allah has made obligatory upon us is for the benefit of society - there is a reason for everything that Allah has made wajib or haram - when Imam Ali (as) mentions these things, he is manifesting them as well; if we want to be the Shi'a of Ali (as), we need to be acting like him