Signs Of Depression

Is anyone from us having any symptoms leading to suicide? How can we help people who are imposed to this dangerous threat?

Remember that for every person who commits suicide, there are 24 who are attempting suicide. They're in a suicidal state, we need to take this very seriously. Don't say no, this is not going to impact me, my children, my family. No, it is impacting.

So you have to look for signs, because people who are suicidal, they do give you signs. You have to look for those signs because it's our responsibility, brothers and sisters, to help these people. If you can save a single soul, it says, if you've saved humanity. There are people who need our help. But oftentimes we don't pay attention to those signals, those messages that these suicidal, very depressed people are giving us, look for those signs.

One sign is depression. If you know someone with depression or the signs of depression, chances are this person could be thinking about suicide. Don't say no. This person would never think of suicide. Yes, this person does. Most depressed people, they do think of suicide. And that feeling is very painful. So you need to investigate if you know someone in your family, from your relatives, from your friends who is in a depressed state, try to figure out who this person is, having suicidal thoughts so you can genuinely help this person.

So that's one thing to look for, depression. Number two, suicidal people will usually give hints that they may not be around for long, they'll make statements like that maybe next year. I'm not here. They'll give you subtle messages, pay attention to these messages.

Number three, sometimes you see someone who's very active, very energetic, suddenly losing interest, losing interest in school and sports and whatever that person was interested in, they lose interest. This is an alarm. This is a message from this person that this person is in trouble, this person needs help, try to help this person.

And you'll see them in this, you know, states where they start hating themselves. If you ever catch someone loathing themselves, trying to feel guilty for everything that happens.This is a sign that this person could be suffering from severe depression and from a suicidal state.

So what do we do? How can we help someone who is suicidal, someone who is in a in an excessive state of depression, number one, and this is the key brothers and sisters, number one is showing them genuine care. Show them that you really care, because oftentimes people who suffer from depression and from suicidal thoughts, they believe that no one in the world cares about them, no one in the world.It could be one word that you say which shows genuine care that could save the life of this person.

You know, one of my friends, a while ago, told me that there was a suicidal person and this person was determined to commit suicide. But she figured, you know what, let me go online, there's a blog for those people with depression. Let me ask for help. This person had no one to turn to for help. So she went online and she wrote about her dilemma, that I'm very depressed. I'm having suicidal thoughts. I need help. No one responded except one person, and you know what that person wrote one person, one single word: hello? That's it.

You know, she started her message by saying, hello, I'm depressed. I'm having these suicidal thoughts. I need help. Someone responded by saying hello, and that's it. Did not say anything else. This person says this word, hello, saved my life. I realized that there's someone in the universe who cares about me to say hello to me.You see this hopeless state that they are in.

So show them genuine care, these people really need to be cared for. Show them that care. Show them that compassion. That's a great way to pull them out of this situation, to lift them from the severe depressed state. Secondly, you need to know what to say to these people, because oftentimes we don't take these people seriously, we tell them, are you out of your mind? There's so much to look forward in life. Wake up and smell the coffee. What's wrong with you?

Just because of that person, that boy or that girl, you're doing this to yourself? Look, this does not help because this person has already thought about this. You need to be wise in what you tell them. Don't say things like that to them, what you should tell them is, look, I understand your situation is very serious, your pain is very serious. I understand the severity of your pain. But there is hope, we can work this out. That's OK, this could be solved, give them hope.

And number three, you have to help these people to create a program for them, someone who is in the state needs a program without a proper program, this person will continue to suffer. So create a program for them. You have to keep them busy. And when you keep them busy, tell them to focus on their day to day activities, because these people, when they think of the future, they begin to lose more and more hope. For them, there's no future. There's no hope in the future, tell them not to think about the future, avoid the future, leave the future with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. The point is, focus on your day to day, every minute and every hour that you continue to live and survive as an achievement for you and congratulate them on such an achievement. This helps them.

Don't talk about the future, because for them there is no future. It looks dark, it looks gloomy, there's nothing but darkness awaits them in the future. So, create a program for them. And of course, it's very important that you convince them to seek professional help, to go to a doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist. This is very important. Try to convince them. Initially, they'll refuse, but you have to convince them.