Specific Qur'anic Ayaat and Ahadith of the Prophet (s) relevant to Shi'ism

Shi'a Islam: Class 2- explanation of the word 'wali', its meanings and implications- discussion on two ayaat 5:70 and 5:3, relating to the incident of Ghadir- Ayat of Purification (Tathir), 33:33. Whom does it refer to? What is meant by purification?- holders of authority in ayat 4:59 and love for family in 42:23- incident of calling to the
near kin (Da'wate Dhul 'Ashira)- various ahadith of the
Prophet (s) including the prediction of 12 righteous Khulafa relationship of Imam Ali (a) and the Prophet (s) knowledge of Imam Ali (a) Hadith of the Ark and importance of recognizing one's Imam of the time."