Taqwa - Ali's Unwavering Leadership; Today's Unethical Leadership - Imam Ali: Defining Taqwa - 4/5 - Ramadan 1438/2017

- Continuing the theme of Taqwa being covered during the Qadr nights
- The defining traits within Ali, regarding Taqwa
- Even as a political leader, he refused to abandon the principle of taqwa
- This was at the cost of political capital. Even though it was harder, he took the path of righteousness
- The examples of Talha and Zubayr, and their betrayal of Ali, because they weren't given favours
- Some companions asked Ali to temporarily suspend his policy of justice and equality, with distribution of the wealth of the people and government positional assignments. However he stood firm and on the path of Allah
- The contrast of todays political leaders who talk about fighting terrorism and simultaneously sell billions in arms to Saudi Arabia and Qatar
- The khutba of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), where he welcomed the month of Ramadhan
- The martyrdom of Ali was predicted within this khutba