Theology (Kalam)



Shi'a Islam: Class 22
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- review of akhbari (traditionalist) and 'usuli (rationalist) schools of thought
- review of concept of taqlid, ijtihad, and role of the scholar in the shi'i community
- discipline of kalam (theology): definition, origins, and early development
- branches of kalam; burhani (demonstrative) and jadali (dialectic)
- discussion of the viewpoints of the mu'tazili vs. ash'ari schools of kalam
- encouragement of development of kalam by the Imams
- topics in kalam distinctive to Shi'ism; usul ad-din (tawhid, adl, nubuwwa, imama, ma'ad) and taklif (obligation) vs. lutf (favor)

Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA
27th November, 2001
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Shi'a Islam [Dr. Hamid Algar] [Sep - Nov 2001] [Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA]