Two Reasons Behind Prophet Muhammad Mi'raj

In This brief clip, Syed Ammar Nakshawani describes the reason the Prophet (s.a.w) went for Mi'raj. One of the spiritual and soul inspiring events that took place during the lifetime of our distinguished Prophet Muhammad (S) was the Mi’raj. This incident is considered as one of the indisputable events of history and is a part of our religious belief. Every Muslim, in accordance with the clear verses of the Quran, in addition, to the reliable chains of history, believe in the Miraj. In the Islamic teachings, the belief in the Miraj is a part of the principal beliefs such that is has been narrated from Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al‑Sadiq and from Imam 'Ali ibn Musa al‑Rida that: من أنكر ثلاثة أشياء فليس من شيعتنا – المعراج – المسئلة في القبر والشفاعة. "One who denies (any of these) three things is not among our Shi`a (followers): the Miraj, the questioning in the grave and ash­ Shafa`ah (intercession). "