Waiting For Imam Mahdi, Are You Sincere?

Not necessarily here, where individuals who call themselves Muslims show a lack of integrity. They might overcharge you when they give you a ride in the taxi, they might overcharge you because you do not know the language or because you do not speak that language or they know you are a tourist, for example. Now such individuals, they also pray 'Allahuma 'ajil farajuhu', 'Oh Allah hasten the appearance of the Imam'. They celebrate the 15th of Sha'ban. But will they be able to survive in a system where they cannot cheat people?

So these are things that need to be thought about that we do not change to a new leaf and develop a 100 percent integrity overnight when the Imam comes. It is something we have or we do not have. As we have said before, we cannot have 99 percent integrity or 99.9 percent integrity.

We either have it or we do not.

And if we cannot be just today, with ourselves, with our families, with our community, and if we continue fighting, arguing over little things, petty things, holding grudges. We should be willing to forgive each other for mistakes that we ourselves have made in the past, then we should, at least, at the very least, acknowledge that we would not be able to live very easily in a society where there is no room for individuals who behave like that.