What Is Muharram For A Shia Muslim

In anticipation for these 10 days to come, and it is amazing that despite the fact that it cuts us and it makes us cry, that there is an anticipation there. There is a feeling there, you are waiting for this moment to come so that you can pour your heart out, you can reconnect again. On the one hand, you feel grief, but at the same time you feel happiness as well.

The question is asked; why is this? Why is it that on the one hand you are feeling grief, but again, you are feeling happiness? Go and see today. Look across the world, mothers are preparing their children tonight. They come home from school, you find that mothers say to their kids, from now on, the next 10 days are going to be crucial. Black clothes are worn, the entire atmosphere of your house changes, mosques are flooded, people begin to move, there is a movement now, you do not care anymore day or night time.

For the next 10 days, everything inside of you is pointing to one reality, and that is the reality of Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa, 'alayhi as-salam. As the time of the zuhur grows closer and as we are moving closer to that Imam 'alayhi as-salam, this message holds true and this is the only message that will make us survive these trials and tribulations which this nation is going through.

Look and see for yourself, see how quickly time is accelerating, see how quickly pain and suffering is coming into our lives. One of the greatest secrets of these 10 nights isn't the fact that you come and shed tears only for Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa because the Imam doesn't require our tears. The actual 'sirr' - the secret of these nights, is that we use these nights to change our destiny.

It is within these nights that you change your destiny, all of that pain that you have brought here, every one of us has some pain within our heart. It is that pain that drives us, each one of us are suffering because we are human beings.

Allah gives us one opportunity, time and time again and that opportunity is the 'wasilaa' of these ten nights, that you can come here and that you can cry. Go back to the tradition of the fourth Imam 'alayhi as-salam and see, beautiful as he says. He says, 'Look, even if all of the problems of the world befall you and you feel like crying and those tears come into your eyes and you know, some problems that we have, either it is family problems or financial or health, whatever it may be, just make the intention that when you cry, you cry for my father and see it is accepted in this way.'

Every movement, every tear, every pain that you feel, make that intention and you see that your heart feels lighter again. That's what this night is about, this night is that night of preparation, this night is that night that we prepare ourselves, that we can make that difference in the next 10 nights. Leading onto the day of Ashura, all of your problems, everything lies in there, the solution for everything lies there and that is why each one of us needs to get on the ark, the ark of Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa 'alayhi as-salaam.

And so tonight starts off that process, tonight we make a covenant. If you are here tonight, it is because you were invited. Not everyone comes to these centres, not everyone comes to these majaalis. If you are here, is because you are the du'a of Zahra (as), that is why you are here.

Look at yourself and see. Do not look at your status as something small, look at your status and see that it is because of that mother who prayed for this nation, that is why you are here today. And that is what makes the difference, for those people who realize their status, you find that not only in this world, but in the hereafter, you have won. Beneficial for you, these are those nights.

That Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa, that all of humanity remembers and look and see has there been such a sacrifice like this? You know, I remember a number of years ago in the BBC, there was an entire documentary done that across the world who commemorates Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa. You found that fire within us is greater, but all religions, somewhere or somehow commemorate Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa.

For you, there is a connection because the Imam 'alayhi as-salam, the 12th Imam says, he says, 'Our Shi'a are those people who feel our pain when we are in pain and we feel their pain when they are in pain.'

Don't ever think that you are alone, don't ever think that you do not have anyone to support you. Every time you pain, your Imam pains as well, but it is that realisation that needs to be there and for every time the Imam pains, you pain. This is why you feel that 'haraarah' - that fire within your heart, that the Imam 'alayhi as-salam has said, 'That the death of Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa will be like a fire in the hearts of the believers that will never die away.' That is why you are here for today, that is what pushes you, that fire within your heart.

But it is not just us that commemorates Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa. Go across the world and see. That's what the BBC was saying in this documentary. They said, look, even if you go to Lebanon today, you find that there are Christians who commemorate Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa, ask why and they will tell you that this Imam represents humanity, for everything that is within humanity is found within this, in this Imam.

Why did the Imam go out and do what he did? You know, and I know that the Imam was destined for heaven anyway but the reason why he went there and the reason why he gave his life was for one thing. To prove to humanity that there is still humanity left. If Imam Husayn did not stand up and rise, it would have meant that there was no humanity within society left. It takes a man like him to stand up and to sacrifice his life to show that within our 'fitrah' the biggest thing which is there, is love and sincerity.

And that is what you see in that man that on the day of Ashura', when he stands there, there is love and sincerity drenched and flowing within him, that when he raises his hands to Allah on the day of Ashura, everyone is gone and there is no one remaining but he looks up towards his Creator and he says, 'Allah, do you accept me now? Are you satisfied with me now? After having lost everything, with all the burden in his heart and then he says, 'Allah take until You are satisfied.' That is a man of sincerity and that is a man of love.

Do you know what colour his eyes he had? No. Do you know what time he would sit down with his family? No. What is it that we know about him then? In the terms of physical features, we do not know anything about him other than what is written in the books. So what is it that attracts you towards him? Why is it that it burns your heart when it comes to this tragedy? That in itself is a miracle regardless of anything. Fourteen hundred years later, if he is commemorated from these pulpits and if millions of millions of people come to commemorate Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa, that means that it is a miracle.

Because within our humanity and our fitrah, it is dictated that we forget this type of thing. Fourteen hundred years later, if millions of people are coming, that means Husayn won and Yazid lost. See that means that there is a system in place, that is the living miracle. That is the miracle of Sayyid ash-Shuhadaa.

We do not know how he looked like, but we know his principles. Why is he timeless today? Why do tears come into your eyes when we mention his name? Timeless, because of Allah. One thing Imam had that none of us have in the same way as the Imam and that was sincerity. The more sincere you are, the more timeless you become. You see, sincerity is not something physical.