Why Didn't God Reveal the Wisdom for All the Religious Rituals and Rulings?

We know that there is a wisdom behind all the tashri', all the religious rulings, because Allah is Hakim and he doesn't do anything in vain, there must be a purpose behind it. Is there a reason why Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, did not reveal to us all the wisdom for all the acts? We have hundreds and thousands of rulings, but not all of them, we know the Hikma, the wisdom behind. Is there a reason why Allah kept that from us?

That's a very good question. I would share the following points to shed light on this question. First of all, Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, may have withheld some of the wisdom in order to test us. See, if the wisdom is always given to you and you know exactly what you're doing, then where's the test? Where's the Iman bi 'l-ghayb?

Allah says, if you recognize that I'm your Creator, I'm your Lord, and you believe in the Prophet, salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi, accept whatever he tells you. Don't challenge, even if you don't know the wisdom behind something. But, as long as you've recognized that he is an infallible Prophet sent by a wise Lord, accept!

Sometimes that wisdom is held from us to test us, to try us. Who is the one who really believes? Because some people act arrogant and selfish. If I know the exact wisdom, I'll follow, otherwise forget it. That means they're not accepting, they're not trusting God. So sometimes it's to test us. There is wisdom behind it, but Allah sometimes hides parts of it to see if we really believe in his message. If I'm really obeying God because I want to obey Him, not for these benefits.

Even though Allah's wise, he gives us benefits, but Allah says, don't practice Shari'a because it just has benefits, because I'm your Lord. And the Abd, a servant, a slave, obeys his Master, whatever his master tells him. That's one aspect.

The second aspect, Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, sent the prophets and the Imams to share the wisdom. Either people didn't ask because they were ignorant, or the Imam said it, it didn't reach us. Remember Ali Ibni Abi Talib, alayhi as-salam, in the final days, he says, "sa'luni qabla 'an tafqadooni?" Ask me. The idiot would stand up and he would tell him, ask me, how many hairs do I have in my beard? This is how they treated the Imams of Ahl ul-Bayt.

The Imam, alayhi as-salam, told him, under every hair there is a Shaytan cursing you. Some people say, why didn't Imam Ali tell him? 7567 hairs in your beard? Why didn't he? Because anything the Imam, alayhi as-salam, would have told him, he would have challenged it. He would have said, no, it's 7850. Prove it! What? The Imam is going to sit there and count his? It was a way to insult the Imam. So, the Imam told him, under every sha'ra there is a Shaytan on cursing you.

The Imam said, ask us. Ask us! For 250 years, from the time of Rasul Allah to the ghaybah of Imam Al-Mahdi, how many years do you have? Imam Al-Mahdi, ajjal Allahu Ta'ala farajahu, was born near 255 Hijra. And that's when the ghayba basically started. And people did not have direct access to ask the Imams. For over 263 years, people had the opportunity to ask. They didn't. That was their problem. Otherwise, Allah wanted to reveal to us the Hikma and the knowledge.

Number three, the Imams did mention many of these things. They got lost in history, or people at the time misunderstood them, or it needed a scientific explanation that people were not ready yet. See, I'll give you an example. Some people ask today, why is gold for men Haram and for women it's Halal? Allah knows best. We don't know. One reason is because Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, wants men not to look like women.

Islam believes that it's healthy for society to have gender roles, when men and women look exactly alike and you don't have a healthy society. Islam believes that, separate but equal. Islam believes in this. So historically, gold was an ornament that women would wear. And so Islam did not want men to resemble and act like women. This is maybe a social Hikma, but there's a scientific Hikma. But at the time, how do you explain it to people? Some scholars have examined and done research, there's scientific evidence for this that one of the amazing natural features of gold, is that when it comes into contact with the skin, with the body, it increases the production of red blood cells in the body. Subhana Allah! Look at the work of God. It increases the production of blood cells in your body.

Now, since women lose blood during the cycle, wearing gold is actually Mustahab for them, because it aids in the generation of blood cells, it's healthy for them. But for a man who's otherwise healthy, wearing that gold will increase those blood cells and it does damage to the body. Okay, imagine this Hikma! How would someone explain that 14th centuries ago? Red blood cells, white blood cell! Who understands these things?

Maybe the Imam said them, people didn't understand it, and so it got lost in history. So oftentimes, the Imams would actually examine the Hikma. In fact, there is a book by Sheikh as-Saduq called the 'Ial ush-Shara'i, the Hikma and the Reason behind the laws of Shari'a. So, the Imams did say a lot of them, maybe some of them did not reach us in history.