Why do you cry for Imam Husayn? - Muharram 1435/2013

By merely mourning and crying for Imam Husayn,'alayhi asalam, would the problem be solved? How should I - what should I really think about and how can I measure my actions on the beginning of Muharram this year all the way until tonight? Not that, God forbid, I am trying to minimise mourning and crying and doing chest beating for Imam Husayn, 'alayhi asalam. Of course not. But what I am trying to say is that the spirit of all these actions is very important, and that is something that, inshaAllah, we want to touch on it.

Otherwise, all of what we do means almost nothing, almost nothing, as much as our spirituality and spiritual growth is concerned. Proving that, is that Imam Husayn,'alayhi asalam, had people crying for him right from the very evening of Ashura, from among his enemies. You know this part of the history of Karbala that, when, on the evening of Ashura, the enemies, they attacked the tents, they were looting and plundering.

One of them is chasing the daughter of Imam Husayn ,'alayhi asalam, Fatima, and he is trying to snatch her jewelries while he is crying. And when he was asked that, what are you crying for? He says, that is because I know what I am doing, I know it is such an atrocity that I am committing that I am snatching the jeweleries of the daughters of the Prophet. They said, well, if you know that this were something wrong, why are you doing it? And he goes, well, if I do not, someone else will.