Why is Marriage Half the Religion in Islam

The hadith, "Marriage is half of the deen" has been so often quoted without contemplation that it seems almost cliché. Indeed, it seems like from our own experiences of marriage many marriages are anything but that. People marry to get immigrant status. They get married for the most un-Islamic reasons: racist, ethnocentric, tribal, for money, just out of lust or even forced marriage, etc. No wonder divorces, and acrimonious ones are up and it's not surprising that even for marriages that started off for the right reasons, things have so degenerated that they end up with either one or other of the couple or their children leaving Islam or becoming weak in their practice. So obviously it is either that the hadith is not correct or we are missing something. We have to look at the hadith in the context of the Islamic teachings about the male psyche and male needs of the opposite gender and the female psyche and female needs of the opposite gender, and the prescriptions for male-female relationships in general and spousal relationships in particular. What is also important is looking at the effects of non Islamic cultural patterns of male-female relationships both in the non Muslim world and in the Muslim world have upon Muslims in this area.