Wiladat of Imam Hasan (A) - 15th Ramadhan 1435/2014

The birth anniversary of the 2nd Imam (as) is a mid-month check of how we are doing in Shahru Ramadhan. For example: - Have we read Quran with understanding - Have we read a new dua with understanding? - Have we forgiven anyone this month? - Have we gained God-consciousness (taqwa)? -- We have taqwa in this month, but has Shahru Ramadhan prepared us to have taqwa for the other 11 months of the year? Hadith from Imam Hasan (as) about taqwa: - Taqwa is the door to all repentance, the fountainhead of all wisdom, and the honor of all actions. It is with taqwa that one who is triumphant will become triumphant.

The second test connected to the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan (as) is the question: - Are we like the companions of Imam Hasan (as) or like the companions of Imam Husayn (as)? - Is our dunya before our deen, or is our deen before our dunya?