The Wisdom Behind Tawassul

Say Ya Allah, I want to come, I want to ask you directly. He says, Listen, have you met Husayn before? Have you met this special servant of mine before? You should get to know Husayn. Say Allah, but I have this Hajah. He says yes, ask me through Husayn.

Why? What's the headache? I will just come to you directly. He says no, you have to get to know Husayn. If you don't know Husayn, you are missing out. Sometimes ask me by the right of this grandson of the Prophet. Come and ask me by the right of Safinat un-Nijat. So that you can get to know who he is. Because if you get to know who Husayn is you might just fall in love with his character. You might just build a love and affection for him 1400 years later, when they mentioned his name, tears might flow from your eyes.

This Husayn of mine, he had a son, Abdullah Ar-Radhi', six months old. We took Abdullah Ar-Radhi' away from Husayn. He held his own child in front of him. And his own child was leaving this world. But he still said: "hawnun alayh". It is easier for me, O Allah, because You are watching.

You can come ask me directly, anytime you want. Sometimes you should come and ask me through Husayn. You need to get to know who this family is.