Working For Khadija: Prophet Demonstrates Business Skills - Our Prophet 2 - Birth To Revelation

Now let us move on to another significant transition. Times became difficult for Bani Hashim, the family of the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa alihi, the economic conditions. Abu Talib, his uncle who was taking care of him, he made an offer to the Prophet. He told him, oh Muhammad, there is a very wealthy business woman, her name is Khadijah, and she seems to be a very good woman. A lot of people do business with her. I recommend that you do business with her. She seems to be a very good woman. So why do you not you do business with her? Let us make an agreement. You will go on business journeys and that way you will make a good profit as well.

So, one version says that Abu Talib, it was his idea. He told the Holy Prophet. Now the Prophet told him, Abu Talib, my dear uncle, I feel either embarrassed or maybe it is not so appropriate for me to go and tell her that. If she sends someone asking me to do business on her behalf and to work with her, yes, but I feel, you know, I feel it is kind of difficult for me to go and ask. Remember, this is the Prophet of God, right? He has a lot of honour, a lot of dignity.

So, Khadijah hears about this. Someone tells her that Abu Talib has made an offer to his nephew Muhammad but Muhammad, he is hesitant, he is contemplating the matter. Maybe if you send him a message, he will accept it. So, she sends someone on her behalf, and he offers to the Prophet that if you work with Khadijah, she is willing to work with you and you can do business with her, and she will give you a good profit.

She will actually give you double what she would give others. So, if someone does business with her, let us say she would give him a fixed amount of profit, she will give you double. She had heard about the Prophet's reputation, that he was the truthful one, he was honest. So, she actually liked the idea that the Prophet would work with her. So, there was an agreement. Someone on her behalf came, met the Prophet, and the Prophet agreed.

His first journey took him to Syria. He had made that same journey when he was a child, when Abu Talib took him. And remember the story of Bahira, that Christian monk happened in Busra. The Prophet pretty much took that same route and that same path. Now Khadija sent two servants with the Prophet to help him. She told him, I will send two servants with you. Anything you need, they are at your service. One of those servants names was Maysara. Maysara was a slave owned by Khadijah, he went along with the Prophet.

So, the Prophet went on that journey. He happened to make unprecedented profit. Allah gave him so much Barakah and blessings. He made a lot of profit with the wealth and the goods of Khadijah that he was bartering and trading.

Now on his way back, some historical accounts indicate that the Prophet stopped in Busra again, that same city. Now this time, another Christian monk, he met the Prophet, he saw him there. And when he saw the signs and he started looking at the Prophet, he told him, there is something special about you. I have read in the Tawrat and the Injil, the Old Testament and the New Testament, that there will be a final messenger who has the exact same physical descriptions that you have, the same physical features.

Maysara, when he saw that, he was shocked. Okay, there is something very special about Muhammad that this monk is saying and witnessing. So, they come back to Makkah. When they reach Makkah, one historical account tells us Maysara tells the Prophet, O Muhammad, go to Khadijah and tell her. Tell her that you have made this much profit. Tell her exactly what happened. You should report to her because you did business with her money. So he goes to her house. She was in her chamber. She was a very wealthy woman. She is got a lot of servants, very nice house, upscale house, right? So he goes and he tells her about the, he gives her a brief summary of the business trip and he gives her the profit that they made.

Maysara goes afterwards and tells Khadijah. He tells her, look, there is something special about this guy. First of all, that Christian monk, he said this guy has some sort of signs that will make him a prophet, a king. He said something about that. Secondly, I have never met someone more honest and respectful than him. Out of all those people who have worked for you, this guy is special, so just know that.

Now, Khadija already knew this man was special. But now her love for him started to develop. This man is special, he is so honest, he made so much profit. Now Khadijah wanted to give him double that which she would give anyone else, but the Prophet refused. He said, no, you give me whatever you give others. So, she saw that he is actually very content, very humble. You know, he does not have that greed for money. Who would refuse that offer? Especially when he has made so much money for her? So, she realized there was something special about this man.

So, upon getting this money, the Prophet, salla Allahu 'alayhi wa alihi, he goes to Abu Talib, his uncle, and he gives him, he says, my uncle, I have made this profit, this money, here. You are my guardian. You are in charge of our family so, you spend it however you see fit.

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