Wudhu and Me: A Beautiful Reminder!

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. Ask yourself this question: " what is my relationship with wudhu?"

Well, some of us do ritual ablution just before we perform our prayers. Many hours a day however, we may not be in the state of purity or, for some of our sisters, they remain days without wudhu. But there is so much more benefit we can obtain from the wudhu.

There is a beautiful hadith from Imam Al-Sadiq, alayhi assalam, which states: "Min jaddada wudhuahu li ghair salatin, jadda Allahu tawbatahu min ghair istighfar",  "Whomsoever performs the wudhu  not because of prayers, Allah, Subhana Wa Ta'ala, renews their Tawbah without seeking forgiveness.

The Prophet Muhammad, sallal-lahu alaihi wa alii wa sallam, also states that "He who does wudhu whilst they're already in the state of wudhu,  Allah will grant them ten hasanat". Why? Because, according to a famous narration, wudhu  on top of another wudhu, is light upon light.  Noorun ala noor.


So if we make it a habit, it will be hard to leave or forget. So for example, in the morning we wash our faces. Some take a while in the bathroom, but wudhu takes less than a minute. Washing the face, both arms, wiping the head and both feet. Why not start the day then with wudhu? The benefits of staying in wudhu  during the day is also pointed out by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, sallal-lahu alaihi wa alii wa sallam,who according to various narration says "if you die in the state of wudhu,  you die a martyr".

Don't forget to go to sleep in wudhu too, because according to Imam Al-Sadiq, alayhi assalam,  your bed turns into a mosque in which Allah, Subhana Wa Ta'ala, is worshipped.