You Have Only 7 Minutes Before You Die - What Will You Do?

Seven minutes is left before your soul is separated from your body. What should you do?

Grab a pen and write your will. Focus on the following things. Number one, do you have any qadha salah? Number two, do you have any qadha siyam or fasting? Number three, have you performed Hajj ? Number four, do you owe anyone or does anyone owe you money? And number five, give some final messages to your loved ones.

Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says in the Holy Qur'an, chapter 2 verse 180,"Kutiba 'alaikum idhaa hadara hadakum al-mawt, in taraka khairan il-wasiyyatu lil waalidaini wa al-aqrabeen bil ma'roof haqqan 'ala al-muttaqeen"(2:180).

"Prescribed for you when death approaches," any of you "if he leaves wealth is that he should make a will for the parents and near relatives according to what is acceptable, a duty upon the righteous". Writing a will is highly recommended in Islam. Wouldn't you want to settle your affairs before you depart from this world?

Why wait for when seven minutes are left? Do it now.